Michael Donovan
The man behind the voices of Genesix and Cook: Michael Donovan
Janyse Jaud
The voice of Lady Frenzy: Janyse Jaud
Ian Corlett
The man behind Dr. Hisss: Ian Corlett
Terry Klassen
He's D'Nerd: Terry Klassen
Mark Hildreth
Ziv Zularder, ZZ for short: Mark Hildreth
Dale Wilson
The evil mastermind Sir Lewis Leon Paradim: Dale Wilson
Stefano Giulianetti
Toolzz the street BOYZZ and Bogie the sports BOYZZ: Stefano Giulianetti
Crystaleen O'Bray
ZZ's funky sister Blitzy Zulander: Crystaleen O'Bray
Cusse Mankuma
Jammerzz is rappin' like it's 1992: Cusse Mankuma
Surya Kellar
The much loved Ninjzz: Surya Kellar

If you have any additional information about any actors from The Bots Master please post it on the message board. I would be especially interested to learn what other actors were in the show and what characters they played.