Dale Wilson

Dale Wilson played the evil mastermind Sir. Lewis Leon Paradim in The Bots Master but he's done quite a few other shows:

He played some other roles on The Bots Master like:
- Barnett's thinking bot (ep: "The Setting Sun" #40)

Hellraiser VI: Hellseeker:
- Surgeon

- Admiral Alexander (ep: "The Prince" #2.10)

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade:
- Bunmei Muroto

X-Men: Evolution:
- Principal Kelly

ReBoot: My Two Bobs/Daemon Rising:
- Welman Matrix

Winter Kill:
- Daniel Franklin

Bada-Bing Bada-Boom

- Clow Reed

- Jack Tors

Hollywood Off Ramp (ep: "Screenplay By" #1.16)

Cold Squad:
- Douglas Somerset (ep #2.12)

NASCAR Racers:
- Duck Dunaka
- Mike Hauger

Spider-Man Unlimited:
- Shocker

Dragon Tales:
- Fernando

Cold Squad:
- Douglas Somerset

Robocop: Alpha Commando:
- Sherrif
- Fullmoose
- Byrnes

Shadow Warriors II: Hunt for the Death Merchant:
- Armand Berringer

Poltergeist: The Legacy:
- Jordan (ep: "The Enlightened One" #3.3)

Dark Stalkers: Night Warriors

Pocket Dragon Adventures

Mummies Alive:
- Ja-Kal
- Joe the cop

- Chuck Ramsey

- Larry

Doomsday Rock:

Warriors of Virtue:
- Lai

Touched by Evil:
- Ronald Myers

The Sentinel:
- Mark Cantor (ep "Breaking Ground" #3.11)

Dead Man's Gun:
- Jonathan Posey (ep: "Black Widow" #1.5)
- Western Town Sheriff (ep: "Hangman" #2.6)

- Wilson (ep: "Tale of the Tape" #1.22)

- John Talmadge (ep: "Echo of Murder" #1.17)

Street Fighter: The Animated Series

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids:
(ep: "Honey I'm Haunted" #3)

Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story:
- Doctor

- Sid

Romance and Rejection:
- Piano removers

- Edward Paradine

Susie Q:
- Roger Kovich

Sweet Dreams:
- Nathan Sullivan

Dragon Ball Z:
- The Ox King

The Outer Limits:
- NORAD General (ep: "Trial By Fire" #2.9)


Vortech: Undercover Conversion Squad

Roswell Conspiracies:
- Hanek

G.I. Joe Extreme:
- Wreckage
- The President
- Red

The Littlest Pet Shop

She Stood Alone: The Tailhook Scandal:
- Phillip Brickman

Action Man:
- Knuck

Black Fox

A Good Day to Die:
- Renfro

University Hospital:
- Charles Martin III (ep: "Dark Side of the Moon" #1.7)

Dragon Ball:
- The Ox King

Gary Larson's Tales from the Far Side

My Breast:
- Donal

Snowbound: The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story:
- Lt. Jack Reynolds

Double Dragon


Bucky O'Hare:
- Bruiser

Stay Tuned:
- Guy Squirly

Diagnosis of Murder:
- Director

The Commish:
- Bill Travis (ep: "The Two Faces of Ed" #2.6)

Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories:
- Jake

I Still Dream of Jeanie:
- Runner #95

The Legend of the Hawaiian Slammers

Video Power

- Doctor Clinton (ep: "Third Segment" #1.3)

Friday the 13th the Series:
- Faron Cassidy (ep: "Demon Hunter" #55)

The Adventures of the Black Stallion:
- Greg Hill (ep: "Sweet Tooth" #12)

Cold Front:
- Chaney

Divided Loyalties

The Penthouse

War of the Worlds:
- Roy (ep: "Night Moves" #2.8)
- Sgt. Tex (ep: "The Raising of Lazarus" #1.23)

Wise Guy:
- Lou (ep: "Dead Dog Lives" #2.13)

Neon Rider:
- Lionel Kennard III (ep: "Under Pressure" #1.13, "Dude: Part 1 & 2" #0.1, 0.2)

- Bill Keeshan

The Red Spider:
- Bartender

- Neuman(ep: "Lawyer, Liar, Thief" #35)
(ep: "Man with a Gun" #1.17)

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
- Jason Clark (ep: "If Looks Could Kill" #3.9)

The Stepfather:
- Frank

Stone Fox:
- Mr. Lester

21 Jump Street:
- Bradley (ep: "How Much is that Body In the Window" #2.10)
- (ep: "Wasted" #5.19)

- Erik (ep: "Blow Out" #3.10)
- Crandle (ep: "The Survivors" #4.6)
- Colin Yardrow (ep: "Jenny's Chance" #5.16)
- Denis (ep: "Tough Boys" #6.1)
- Sundance (ep: "MacGyver's Woman" #6.8)

- Strafe (ep: "Salvage" #60)

- Rudy

Spot Marks the X:
- Bob Miller

Street Legal:
- Adam Monteith (ep: "The Homecoming" #3.5)

Heroes on Hot Wheels

Brotherly Love:
- Bud Harris

Into Thin Air:
- F.B.I. Agent Drake

Picking Up the Pieces:
- Cal Arnold

Certain Fury:
- Policeman

Secrets of the Married Man:
- Cop #1

The Glitter Dome:
- Lloyd
- Bozeman

- Jim Conners

Dead Wrong:
- Mike Brady

Mother Lode:
- Gerrard Elliot

Amber Waves

Up River:
- Keeler

Who'll Save Our Children?

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