Stefano Giulianetti

Stefano Giulianetti, who supplied the voice for Toolzz and Bogie in The Bots Master, has done all sort of other stuff like commercials, music videos, theater, TV and independent film.

Almost America

Bocephus King music video "Mess of Love"

The Water Game

Millennium (ep: "The Hand of Saint Sebastian" #2.8)

Sketch Troop

Canadian Culture - Canadian Independant Cartoon Release

Alzheimer Society Public Service Announcement

Kokanee Beer:
- Kokanee Mountain Patroller

Western Canadian Lotteries



Tony n' Tina's Wedding:
- Tony
- Dominic, Tony's brother
- Johnny Nunzio, Tony's brother
- Joey Vitalem, Tina's Brother
- Sal, the photographer
- Timmy, the video guy
- Michael Just, Tina's ex-boyfriend

Théâtre la Seizième

!nstant Theatre Company

Lucky 13 Productions:
- Artistic director

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