Cusse Mankuma

As Jhammers in The Bots Master Cusse Mankuma kept the spirit of 1992 alive all those years later. Here's some other stuff he's been up to:

Alienators: Evolution Continues:
- Harry Block

- Eddie

Dragon Tales: Adventures in Dragon Land!:
- Marmadune (ep: "To Kingdom Come/Goodbye Little Caterpoozle" #2)

Extreme Dinosaurs:
- Spike

- Rude Marley

Jack Reed: One of Our Own

- Teen ("Revelation" ep #1.11)

The Substitute:
- Bernard

The Adventures of the Black Stallion:
- Bobby Anderson - (ep: "Stowaway" #5)

Diagnosis Murder: The House on Sycamore Street:
- Clerk

- Steve (ep: "Breaking the Chain" #1.5)

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