Ian Corlett

Ian James Corlett played Dr. Hisss, the Corp's cyborg scientist, from The Bots Master but he has been in countless shows as you can see:

He has played some roles other than Doctor Hiss in The Bots Master such as:
- Barnett (ep: "The Setting Sun" #40)

Power Stone:
- Ryoma

- Bumblz

Barbie in the Nutcracker:
- Captain Candy

The Cramp Twins:
- Horace Cramp (Dad)

What's with Andy?:
- Andy
- Theme song

Rescue Heroes:
- Writer

Little Ian:
- Creator
- Story editor

My Fairy Godfather

Justice League:
- Thug (ep: "War World: Part 1" #1.10)

Bionic Commando:
- Super Joe

Casper's Haunted Christmas:
- Little Kid

Monster Mash

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing:
- Quinze Barton

NASCAR Racers:
- Mark 'Charger' McCutchen

Whistler 4 + 1:
- Creator
- Story editor

Space Tours

Beast Machines:
- Cheetor

Sonic Underground:
- Cyrus
- Knuckles

Yvon of the Yukon:
- Willy Tidwell
- King Louis
- Co-creator
- Developer
- Theme song music and lyrics

Something Else:
- Developer
- Writer
- Story editor

- Creator
- Writer
- Story editor

Dragon Tales:
- Mr. Pop

Sabrina: The Animated Series

- Wade
- Baby Chassis

Pocket Dragon Adventures:
- Filbert

Robocop: Alpha Command:
- Ethers (ep: "Robopop")
- Mr. James Brass (ep: "A Really, Really Big Shoo")

The Mighty Kong

Mummies Alive!:
_ Presley's Dad

Freaky Stories:
- Writer

Rainbow Fish:
- Writer

From the Files of the Flying Rhinos:
- Writer

The Adventures of Paddington Bear:
- Writer

The Little Lulu Show:
- Writer

The Atomic Comic

Ben Franklin's Apprentice (CD-ROM):
- Head writer

Fat Dog Mendosa:
- Onion Boy

Warriors of Virtue:
- Major Keena

Reboot (season 3+):
- Glitch-Bob (not Bob Bob)
- Dot Matrix Binome (ep: "AndrAIa")
- Tactic (ep: "Icons")
- Robert Cursor (ep: "Where No Sprite Has Gone Before")

Donkey Kong Country:
- Writer

Rolie Polie Olie:
- Writer

Nilus the Sandman:
- Blu
- Writer

Happy TV:
- Co-creator
- Co-writer
- Director

The Wacky World of Tex Avery:
- Pompeii Pete
- Einstone

The Hurricanes:
- Jorg Beethoven
- Dino Allegro
- Topper the Monkey
- Dribble

Vortech: Undercover Conversion Squad:
- Jason
- Brad Logan
- Hardfire
- Snake Oil

Dragonball Z:
- Goku
- Master Roshi
- Kuwi
- Producer
- Writer

Beast Wars:
- Cheetor
- Sentinel

Key: The Metal Idol:
- Shuichi

The Jungle Book:
- Mowgli

The Stone Protectors:
- Professor Emeritus

The Adventures of T-Rex:
- Bogie

G.I. Joe Extreme:
- Inferno
- Kidwell

Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge:
- Victor
- Ship's Computer

Gadget Boy and Heather

The Littlest Pet Shop:
- Elwood

Mega Man:
- Mega Man
- Rush, the dog
- Mega Man X (ep: "Mega X" #2.13)
- Snake Man (ep: "Bot Transfer", "Mega X", "Showdown at Ruby Gulch")
- Metal Man (ep: "Future Shock")

- Master Roshi
- Sherman Priest (ep: #4)
- Human Oolong (ep: #4)
- Boss Rabbit (ep: #9)
- Monster Carrot (ep: #9)
- Writer

Billy the Cat:
- Writer

Project A-ko:
- Hikari Daitokuji

Ranma 1/2
- Doctor Onu Tofu
- Mikado Sanzenin
- Jusenkyo Guide
- The Manganmaru (ep: #82)

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog:
- Coconuts

Double Dragon:
- Tornado
- Vortex
- Daj

The Wizard of Oz:
- Scarecrow

Battletoads (pilot):
- Cliff
- Margan Ziegle
- Zitz


Captain N: The Game Master:
- Dr. Wiley

Camp Candy

LG73's Morning Zoo:
- Wrote & performed comedy sketches and song parodies

Heroes on Hot Wheels:
- Frank

Dairy Queen

Lincoln Mercury Dealer Association

Real Canadian Superstore

SONIC Restaurants

Super Valu

University of Phoenix

AT & T

Country Market

1.800 DOT COM

K-Swiss Footwear



CANON Printers

Union 76

Disney's World On Ice


Taco Time Restaurants

Pearl Vision Optical

Labatt Brewing Co.

A & W Restaurants

GM Canada (Chev/Geo/Sunfire)

McDonald's Restaurants


Pizza Hut

Fox Kids:
- "Fox" Mascot

Family Channel Guy (various commercials, what's next and all that)

Da Myna Leagues:
- Bert

Book of Virtues:
- Duke

Salty's Lighthouse:
- Ten Cents
- Zig
- Otis
- Theme song vocals

Spiff and Hercules:
- Spiff

Captain Z and the Zee Zone:
- Mutter

G.I. Joe:
- Naugahide

Super Trolls

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