Welcome to the official page for the 8th Anal Kris Kross Day.

Kris Kross Day is a day to celebrate the greatness that is Kris Kross by wearing your clothes backwards for a day. Don't be the only sucka beyotch dressed straight.

I was on the Triple-J radio station in Australia to celebrate Kris Kross Day on their Friday morning show. I was on at about 7:15am EST and the broadcast was apparently heard by 3 to 4 million Australians. Those of you who may have missed the broadcast can listen to it in .mp3 format. It's nearly 7 minutes so the files are a little large. This large file is about 9 mb and this smaller file is about 3 mb. Click here for more information and to discuss it on the message board.

If you've got pictures of you and your friend celebrating this momentus occasions send them to adam@kris-kross.com and I'll make a big gallery of everyone who's keeping it real.

"Hey magic 8 ball, how should I dress on Friday March 21st?"
"Totally Krossed Out of course!"

Big news!

Chris Kelly of Kris Kross, now known as "The M.A.C," is back. With his new album, "The M.A.C. Self-Titled the Mac," scheduled for release in April on his label, C. Co. Records, and a roster of talented artists, Chris is all grown up and ready to tackle the music industry that made him a phenomenon in the early 90's. Check it out at C.Co.Records.com for track listings, sample mp3s and more information about the CD.

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It's time once again to start plastering the world with posters which can be downloaded from the messaged board. This year's posters are the Mario Bros. gang, the Magic 8 Ball, Ice Cream cone eating human and Totally Krossed Out.

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