Welcome! This page contains a variety of Kris Kross related linkks. I hope you've already heard about Kris Kross Day. If not then click here to learn more. If you're sold on dressing up backward then check out some linkks.

This page has a big image archive, lyrics and a lot more:
The UNofficial Kris Kross Homepage

Info on all of Kris Kross' albums from "I missed the Bus" (1992) to Young, Rich & Dangerous (1996):
Kris Kross

Kris Kross Home Page

I think these guys just want your money, It's got a bbs board though:
iMusic Urban Showcase - Kris Kross

Now the links get really crappy:
There's one picture here:
Star Galaxy: Kris Kross Page

Well here's another:
Kris Kross

Aparently this song has explicit lyrics:
Live and Die for Hip Hop

Their Second Album from when they were know:
CD Now: Kris Kross / Totally Krossed Out.

Can anyone speak hungarian? I guess they like Kris Kross over there, there's idiots everywhere I guess:
FOLIO CD POSTA - Kris Kross -> Da Bomb (whatever that means)

DJ Rythyms Music Catalogue:
Kris Kross: Warm it Up, Kris Kross: Jump I Missed the Bus (1992)

They were in a movie? Kris Kross is a group and not an actor:
"Filmatography" for Kris Kross

These guys just want your money. Don't give it to them:
CD Universe Main Frame

Tips for the Sega CD Kris Kross Game:
Sega CD and CDX cheat codes, hints, FAQs: Kris Kross: Make My Video

Info on Jump:
Microsoft® MusicCentral(TM) - Jump - Da Bomb

The Inteligent Tunes Music Network:
Kris Kross

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