Welcome to the official page for the 6th Anal Kris Kross Day.

Well the 6th Anal Kris Kross Day has come and gone. It was the greatest Kris Kross Day ever! I was hoping for a turnout of 12 and I was shocked that there were 20 people who did it in some way. This shatters the previous record of 6 people from 3 years ago.

Here are a few stats from this year's event:
- 20 total participants - 930 8.5x11" posters posted - 1040 4.25x5.5" leaflets distributed

All that adds up to a whopping success and a hella good time! Now if you'll excuse me my feet hurt like hell because at 7:30am yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to wear my shoes on the wrong feet all day.

Why 6? Because it's the 6th year it goes on.

Why anal? Because it sounds better than annual.

Why Kris Kross? Because they're the funkiest music group to grace 1992!

Why day? Because it's a one day celebration.

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What the hell is it? Kris Kross Day is a great momentous occasion where everyone throws off the oppressive shackles of everyday dress up life and puts their clothes on backwards. Please participate and get your friends to do it too. You wouldn't want to be caught wearing your clothes normally on March 21st. You'd look like quite the fool!

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(Your ass would be your cock)