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Back in about 1991 Naoko Takeuchi, the author of Sailor Moon, was writting a Manga called Code Name Wa Sailor V. From what I hear "The man" wanted to make a series with more main character so instead of adding 4 more to Sailor V a new manga, Bishojou Senshi Sailor Moon, was created. Instead of dropping Sailor V though the Manga was still written, at a snail's pace compared to Sailor Moon, and while there were 18 volumes of Sailor Moon there were 3 volumes of Sailor V. The character of Minako Aino later appeared in Sailor Moon as Sailor Venus. They didn't change anything. Minako had been Sailor V and fighting evil with the help of her white cat, Artemis, before Sailor Moon was and eventually joined up with them and got a new costume.

The books have unfortunatly never been translated into english but you can get some translations here if you can't read japanese. Then you'll still have to get a copy of the japanese manga which is worth about 5$ but will cost you about 15$ if you're lucky enough to find one.
A french tranlation of the first two book is now available from GlÚnat (don't go to their page 'cause it's really useless) for 12.95$ canadian. I know it's real expensive compared to the japanese but the binding is much better and the paper isn't all yellow and old newspaper looking and "Original artwork reversed for french edition". Which to me is a negative aspect but whatever. You'll probably pay that much after shipping costs and stuff anyways so it's not bad.

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