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##Today I moved the site to which is where my new server is. No more ads. No more worries. Enjoy! ##Went to Music World yesterday as I often do on pay day and I noticed that M2M's single Shades of Purple is in the top 40. Sure it's only 40 of 40 but I mean it should jump right up there since it's up in the front of the store in the impulse purchase zone right? Anyway I recommend this CD so go buy it so they get more popular. The only way this will actually affect me though is if they get so popular that they make another CD or go on tour. Neither of which is too likely but we'll see. ##"Hey aDam. Quit talking about those damned M2M chicks and update your damned site you biatch!" New Message Board.
Pokémon: The First Movie on video

##Well Pokémon: the First Movie came out on video and DVD yesterday. As I've mentioned before I am very dissapointed that there is no original japanese version or widescreen version included on the DVD. I still got it anyway and thought that it had a lot of cool features. There's the M2M music video which is the verison with Pokémon stuff on the screen, not just M2M playing guitar and stuff. There were also 2 new animation clips. "The Story of Mewtwo's Origin" was totally new. I don't know if this was originally in the japanese movie or if it was just a teaser or what but it's very cool. "Ash's Journey" is the same as the little bit of animation that was on the Pokémon Soundtrack enhanced CD. It's Brock narating some propaganda. That's pretty cool too. I like the music. And then there's the two trailers. The full First Movie trailer is complete with the lame game card promo bit. The second movie trailer is super cool. I'm very excited. The audio commentary is by the guys who dubbed the movie. I only watched 10 minutes of it and all it is is stuff like "we added naration here 'cause we think americans are idiots", "we added these lines 'cause we think americans are idiots" and stuff like that. The PC DVD features kinda suck. There's this essay about anime in america which is kind of ignorant. Best price I've seen in Canada for this DVD is 21.49$ at the price club. I saw the VHS version for 17.49$ at Zellers. BTW I also saw the lame Pokémon World CD at Zellers for 9.99$ which is better than 12.99$ but still a rip off.

More M2M News

##I don't know why I keep talking about these chicks like they've still got ties with Pokémon but whatever. I finally found the Mirror Mirror single. It was pretty good. It has Mirror Mirror exactly like on "Shades of Purple" and a bonus track of "Don't Say You Love Me - Accoustic Version" which is kinda like M2M unplugged but obviously not. So for 7$ you should get it ... if you're a hardcore M2M fan. ##I drank 3 cokes last night and can't sleep this morning so here's a bunch of news.

Pokémon Stadium

##Okay so as anyone who's tried it knows Pokémon Stadium is like a totally ruling game. To an expert Pokémon trainer it rules because it just complements the game on so many levels. It's really the way the game was meant to be played. The options for making mass moves of many Pokémon from game to cartridge, game to game or whatever are just great. The mini games rule. Even a total Pokémon virgin can enjoy these. Try it in 4 player mode. There's nothing more exciting. About that blockbuster coupon special (click here for official details) well I didn't get a coupon and I thought that was an error but I went to my local blockbuster and they hadn't heard of this offer. Plus their Snap station was seriously unused and not even turned on. So it looks like there's no deal for this thing in Canada. Sorry folks.

Pokémon Stadium Tour

Don`t cross that line Pikachu ##Well I went to the Pokémon Stadium Tour yesterday. It was great. I can't remember the last time I've had so much fun. I got 3 Mew (1 for each game), a free comic (a real 9$ comic... wow), a bunch of stickers and a cheap little badge. The badge you get for competing in any cup. I went in the prime cup 'cause my team rules but I faced off against this kid that somehow didn't consider the Missingno. rare candy trick to be a cheat. So of course I got beat but all things considered I put up a pretty good fight. I got a competition badge and the winner gets a boulder badge. My friend Dave won 'cause he was pitted against a really novice non cheater. A waste of his super Pokémon's talents. But it was a lot of fun. We saw the Pikachu car (with Ontario plates, lame 'cause it's supposed to say Pika-1) and a guy in a big Pikachu suit like in that picture over there. I grabed his butt. It was funny. And no that's not me in the picture. It's M2M and Billy Crawford from the Pokémon soundtrack. I'm a little taller than that and don't look so good an orange dress.

M2M Propaganda

##Well I bought the M2M CD the other day. It's really good. Although I'm told my taste in music is ... well ... bad. I was all excited 'cause it has the M2M music video. The one with the Pokémon stuff on the screen right? Wrong. They totally unpokémoned the video. It's just clips of the girls and a bunch of wierd brain washing writing. The DVD comes out in 9 days and that should have the Pokémon version of the video I hope. Well at least they still blew up that popcorn truck. Something else wierd. They changed a line in "Don't Say You Love Me". On the Pokémon Soundtrack and M2M single they say "You said you loved me" and in Shades of Purlple it's "You started kissing me". But I mean the whole point of the song was 'cause this guy (or girl if you're an optimist like me. notice the ambiguity of the lyrics) is getting told off for saying "I love you". I'm just confused now. Did they clean it up for the kids or what? Well I just noticed that they mention it on their lyrics page but they still don't say why.
Pokémon Stadium

##Well Pokémon Stadium finally came out yesterday. Toys 'R Us got it at about 5pm. Wal-Mart said they'd get it today and Electric Boutique said ... ha ha ... Friday. I only had a chance to play for about 20 minutes but I really enjoyed it. It's just battles with game play exactly like the original game but with 3D graphics and stuff. You can also play Pokémon with the 64 joystick and on the TV which is really cool. I was expecting to get a coupon that I could bring to blockbuster to get my poster and sticker as this official page would have me believe but there was no coupon. Is this 'cause I'm Canadian or what?
Why I hate Poké

##Now I've always kinda hated poké, Nintendo's official Pokémon site but they've never really done anything totally stupid. But this time it's the last straw. You may have heard of the Pokémon Stadium tour. I did through Poké and was upsett that they didn't have any Canadian tour dates. But I get this mail this morning from psypoké.com saying that they're coming to Canada. In fact they've been here. Luckily they only hit Ottawa next weekend. I can't wait. So to see a schedule check out this link. Guess what? Poké still doesn't have these dates up yet... argh!
So what is there gonna be at this tour?
- A chance to try out Pokémon Stadium (and brainwash kids into buying it)
- Free Mew!
- Stadium Tournaments
- Pokémon giveaways (probably something cheap)
- The Pikachu car!!
- A chance to battle other trainers
- Play the trading card game (lame game)
##So if you live in Ottawa I'll see you at Bayshore on Saturday... maybe me and Dave will dress up again.
Pokémon Stadium

##As you may already know Pokémon Stadium should be coming out on Monday. My bro said he saw it at Electronic Boutique and my friend said he saw it at CompuCentre but I called Toys 'R Us and they said it would come out on Monday March 6th and that is also what Nintendo's been saying. I turns out there's this special thing that comes with the game where you can get a free poster and some sticker if you go to blockbuster. Click here for more info.

Pokémon: The First Movie on Video

##Pokémon: the First Movie is going to be released on VHS and DVD on Tuesday March 21st. The DVD's really lame. It won't have a Japanese version or even a widescreen version available. I honestly don't know of any other movie that's been released on DVD that wasn't wide screen. That's seriously weak. There will be some stuff on it. The M2M music video, Pikachu's Summer Vacation, a special featurette "the Story of Mewtwo's Origin" and a preview for the second movie. It's not even gonna have the french dubbed audio track as far as I can tell. Now I've seen it in french twice and they didn't cut it up or anything. What's the deal with this lame DVD? Well I'm still gonna get it but I still feel as if I'm getting raped by Warner Brothers.

M2M News

Shades of Purple ##The music group M2M, the two chicks who sang for the Pokémon: the First Movie soundtrack, have thier first CD, Shades of Purple, coming out on Tuesday March 7th. They also had a new single come out on Feb 22nd but... well you can just buy the full CD. It's got a bunus instrument track of Don't Say You Love Me (the song from the soudntrack) so if it's cheap. You can find out a lot more about this stuff at their official WebSite. They've also got a new video Mirror Mirror which you download as a Real G2 video or Windows video. To vote for this video on TRL just click here.

Pokémon World CD review Thumbs Down!

Pokémon World ##As if it wasn't bad enought that they ruined the show with the appearance of Tracey Sketchit and a new even worse theme song. They come out with a very lame CD to celebrate this tragedy. The Pokémon World CD has 3 songs. 1) The new theme song "Pokémon World". 2) Pikachu's Winter Vacation, the theme for that OAV. 3) Pikachu's Winter Vacation (Instrumental) which is just a lame instrumental version of the 2nd track. So what makes this CD suck worse that the lame tracks? The price. It costs 13$ to 14$ (Canadian) which is what I'd expect to pay for a full lenght CD. Now I'm not a stingy bastard but it's ridiculous to pay so much for under 6 minutes of music. It's got a pretty neat screen saver and some really lame backgrounds on the enhanced CD. It also has a video which... I haven't watched yet but it's just the new intro. So don't buy this CD. Instead go buy the actual Pikachu's Winter Vacation video at Walmart for a few bucks less. Peel Me!
gotta catch "MEW"

##It's on! Finally the Toys "R" Us contest has hit canada. If you haven't heard about this you have to go to Toys "R" Us between Dec 27th and 31st and go to the electronics counter and they'll give you this thing of stickers and when you peel away the Mew sticker you've got a 1 in 7.5 chance of winning a Mew which will be loaded onto your Red, Blue or Yellow cartridge sometime between Jan 10th and 14th 2000. The Canadian cards differ from the US cards because they have "Attrapez Mew" written on them too although the rules are printed in english only... even the ones I got in Québec. So I went to Toys "R" Uses in 2 different provinces looking for a winner but I just got a bunch of pics of Goeffrey or whatever that stupid giraffe guy is called. But my friend got a "caught Mew" card. I'm so jealous. He says I'm not winning 'cause I've got illegal Game Genie Mew on my game and that if I erase them I'll win for Karmic reasons.
##Oh yeah and according to this Toys "R" Us flyer I'm holding in my hands you can get a free Pokémon Mew trading card if you go on January 8th... a saturday I believe. Oh and there's some Pokémon Trading Card League starting on Jan 22nd but since I don't play the card game and I already made a complete set of badges I don't really care.

Pokéball ... Return!

##Stupid stupid stupid Americans... Some 13 month old kid took the bottom of one of those Burger King Pokéballs that hold those toys, covered her mouth and nose, sucked real hard and chockes to death. Read the press release here. So to make this ridiculous tragedy even worse BK decides to recall all of the Pokémon toys, as if anyone is actually gonna bring their stupid toys back. So they say they're dangerous for kids under 3 yet there was an ages 3+ warning on these toys all along. You wanna know what I think this is all about? BK hasn't had any of those toys in stock for weeks, trust me I've hit most of the Burker Kings in the city and beyond looking, and to cover that up they say that they're recalling them because they're dangerous because they don't want people to know that they just goofed and they don't have any left... idiots! So if you really want to eat the vomit that is the gross discusting BK food you can trade your Pokéball in for a small fry... wow what an honour. Tastes like cold mashed patatoes... YUM! So stay away from those dangerous Pokéballs, don't touch anything smaller than a loonie... or larger for that matter. Don't touch any cup, mug, can, box, book, ligth bulb, pencil, action figure ... I could go on for days.

New Episodes?

## I went to to see if there were any new Eps coming up. It said that Episode 87, "In the Pink" would be playing on the 31st at noon. That's this Friday 12:00, noon, got it? I'm super hyped although they don't usually play Pokémon in this time slot. Oh well if they'd only stop playing that stupid pointless Digimon crap. Cha... Pree! ## I honestly did not think this day would ever come. After about 10 visits to a total of 4 Walmarts in the Ottawa Carleton area I have finally found the elusive video "Pikachu's Winter Vacation" here in Canada. I've basically been looking for this since it came out two months ago as a "Walmart exclusive" in the States. Why there was a big delay I'll never know. All I can guess is that the folks at Walmart are a bunch of anal losers because we've always gotten all the other videos, soundtracks, games on the day they came out. So looking for this I went through stages of excitement, dissapointment, denial, excitement, dissapointment, anger, more denial, confusion, anger, exaustion, surprise and finally extasy. All this while loging a good number of hours on my local bus system. It's 22 minutes long but I haven't watched it yet 'cause of Christmas mix up stuff. Nintendo's Official Seal of Approval Don't wanna open something I later find out someone else got me right? For those who think that this video might have been fake, something I thought at first, it has the logos of Nintendo, 4Kids and Pikachu the Movie (production company that made the Pokémon movies). This special costs just under 10$ (CDN) so if you still haven't gotten a gift for that Pokémon fanatic you know... this is a good one. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna stare at this box for a few hours. Psy... duck? ## Christmas is just around the corner now and since my EverQuest server is down I thought I'd update. Well I made this Psyduck pic last year and this year I basically just made it bigger so it fits with a 1028x768 screen. So if you want this beautifull Psyduck with a Christmas hat as your background just download one of these files: (800x600) or (1028x768). They're zipped 'cause the actual .bmp files are pretty big. Just download, extract set as wallpaper. If you're so out of it that you don't have WinZip you can download it free at
## So if I don't update anytime soon Merry Christmas. And if you don't celebrate Christmas then I don't care. Saint Nicholas died for our sins and every year I erect a Christmas tree as a reminder that he was crucified on a Christmas tree and left to freeze in the North pole for having radical ideas about the giving of gifts. The lights I string up are to remember how when he used his Cosmic Psycho Santa Powers to be resurected he did so to create a beautifull magic light show to entertain all the children of the world and all the slave labour Elves he keeps on board. And as for the Reindeer? Well I think that's just a load of crap made up to sell toys. They should be ashamed for making a mockery of what Christmas is really about. Jigglypuff ## Well if you didn't already know Pokémon Gold and Silver are now out in Japan. I know this doesn't helps us very much but thanks to the joy of pirating it can already be played on the emulator. Check out this Pokémon Roms Download Page to get the roms, emulator and all that junk. I wish I had time to get all into this but I just don't right now so you'll have to put up with only one screenshot taken from the opening. If you wanna see a lot of good screenshots of the game though I suggest The Pokémasters or Pokémon Forever.
## Unless you've been on another planet I'm sure you've seen Pokémon the First Movie. I dressed up. It was the bomb. The soundtrack is good... I really have nothing more to say on the subject.
## Oh and there's a big article on Pokémon in Time this week. God damned Poliwhirl is on the cover. It's really good though. It talks about Satoshi Tajiri (creator of Pokémon) and gives a unique perspective into the Pokémon phenomenon. I suggest it. And the January issue of Faces is out. Like the December issue it's full of Pokémon pin up posters and stuff. Of course it's Novermber and there's an article that talks about how the movie did in the month of December... RIDICULOUS. I still recomend it 'cause of the nice pics. And guess who's in one of them? Poliwhirl. If I have time I'm gonna make a Poliwhirl hate shrine.
## I still can't find a copy of Pikachu's Winter Vacation here in Canada although I am now sure it exists. It's only available at Wal-mart in the US but I've been to 3 over here and they handn't heard anything about it. If anyone in Canada has seen this video available anywhere please e-mail me ( Thanks. M2M Pokémon Don't Say You Love Me Single ## Just a few days 'till the movie comes out and there couldn't be more propaganda going around right now.
## Well there's the soundtracks... yes plural. The real soundtrack comes out on Tuesday. I can't wait. But there's a single that was release on Oct. 30th (last Saturday) by M2M which has "Don't Say You Love Me" (gonna be in the real soundtrack) and "Mewtwo Strikes Back Suite" which is an instrumental song that's not going to be on the real soundtrack. The cover looks a lot like the real soundtrack cover except with a picture of M2M superimposed onto it. Pointless Trivia: If you pay close attention to the details though you'll notice that allthough it looks like the same picture as the real soundtrack and movie poster the Pokémon featured in the backgroup are different. A bonus with this CD is that you'll be able to access the Pokémon Movie Trailer. So if you see this in a store you might want to get it 'cause it's cheap, I paid 7$ (CDN) which is pretty good for a single. It's a good price for a frisbee if you don't like it.
## Let's see what else... Burger King's big super blitz of Pokémon toys is starting tommorow and going on 'till the 31st of December. They're gonna have 57 Pokémon in 56 days. Check their website starting tommorow (Nov. 8th) and they should have some info.
## If you're Canadian I hope you caught Pokémania 4 this morning which featured episodes that stupid americans won't get untill sometime in the year 2000... suckers!
## Now I want to vent about some stuff I saw in these new episodes but I don't want to spoil anything for you americans. So click and drag over the invisible text to read some venting:
Brock {Start Invisible Text}
.__First off I'm very curious about who won the Pokémon League. The shadows reminded me of a few pics I saw on Gamefreak's Pokémon page. So check out this link to see who I think won. There are 8 pics. The ones with numbers on them I think are supposed to be their rank. This is only assumption though so don't e-mail me with spoilers please.
__Then there's what I really want to vent about. Brocks pathetic little goodbye. I loved Brock. I mean he's the most brilliant character. So when he finally starts chasing after an ugly chick he decides to stick with her. That's sad. He would have been better to end up with a Jenny, Joy or any other girl who the gang crossed paths with. I'm also mad that they didn't really do anything with his leaving. It just came in the middle of an episode. No big goodbye with a big emotional music thing... just Brock wearing an apron saying bye! He deserves better.
__Anyway enough bashing on that. I think it's what's best for Brock to be learning more about Pokémon but a guy that lustfull really does deserve better than Ivy (poison Ivy, poison Oak, get it?). Of course there's the beach nearby so he should be happy. So let's have a minute of silence for Brock and for the hole inside all of us that has been created by his leaving... "was that a minute?" "no" "do we have to start over?" "hell no" ... Goodbye Brock

{End Invisible Text} ## The Pokemon Movie has been bumped up to be released on November 10th... I'm so excited!
## On a somewhat related note I added a couple of links today. I added links about the music group M2M, which is performing on the new soundtrack coming out on Nov. 9th. They're the ones from the music video that played last week. Very talented. I see great things in their future. And don't go searching for sites about M2M 'cause by some bad coincidence it's short for man to man and you'll just end up finding a bunch of porn sites.