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Sunday August 15th 1999
## Well iscool.net, the suckiest URL redirection service EVER really sucks so my page was completely unaccesible by just about everyone for about 2 weeks. Losers. It's finally back and I'm more bitter than ever. I hate iscool.net more than I hate Jar Jar.
## I added more Jar Jar Hate Art. One I especially liked is a dirty pic of Jar Jar sucking some guy off. Dirty.
## I added 4 Jar Jar Hate Links bringing the total to 47. Saturday July 31st 1999
## Well people have been complaining about my message board for months so I finally got a new one. Check out the new Jar Jar Hate Message Board. I finally got sick of vantagenet not accessing the pages about half the time, the slow service and the fact that you couldn't swear. Hopefully none of these problems will surface again.
## Unfortunatly now that I've got this new board everyone who's been banned from the old board is gonna come pouring in. This time if someone spams my board I'm gonna do everything in my power to spam them to hell. Even if you don't put your e-mail I'll have your IP so that I can still get you 'cause I'm way too full of hate to just let it slide. Consider that to be my first and last warning. Sunday July 25th 1999
## Issue #3 of the Jar Jar Hate Newsletter was sent out today. You can read it here.
##I added a new "Would you Rather" poll. Same old joke but with new guys. Go vote would you. Sunday July 18th 1999
## Well I think that this page should now be totally Netscape compatible now. If you notice any problems just e-mail me.
## I added 10 more Hate Links today bringing the total up to 43. I flagged all the new links and added a few more categories such as "Non Jar Jar Related but Hate Filled Star Wars Sites Which Contain Mentions of Hatred Towards Jar Jar". I'm trying to cover all my bases here.
Saturday July 17th 1999
## Netscape sucks. My page for some reason never worked with Netscape. Why? 'Cause Netscape sucks. But Internet Explorer is controled by Microsoft which is the Devil!!! I agree. But Netscape sucks. There's no getting around it. It's an inferior browser. I takes about a billion times longer to do anything while you have a Netscape window open. Say you have a car made by Ford and you want it to run right. You don't get a Toyota engine. But in this cas Microsoft has infinite resources and people working for them. Netscape has a team of moderately trained chimpanzees and elphants bashing on the keyboard.
## My point? Oh yeah well this site was totally not Netscape compatible. Now it kinda is. You can at least view it with Netscape now. There are a lot of cool borders and stuff you won't see and sometimes you'll have to scroll left and right t read any thing 'cause when I say width=80% Netscape say. Allright. 130% it is. What? So do yourself a big favour and go dowload Internet Explorer. I hate Microsoft and Bill Gate's imperial regime of terror as much as the next guy but for the best interest of your Web Surfing you should download. It's free. Just don't click on their sponsors and don't pay for anything they sell and they won't benifit from you. Except maybe for the fact that they can read you mail and any files on your computer but that's a different story and I think Windows 95/98/NT probably has the "Take Over the World" switch for the day that Bill Gates decided to push that button. Wednesday July 14th 1999
## Netscape sucks. So I did this really cool thing for my new poll on Sunday that scrolls through all the characters and explains the pros and cons of having sex with each of them only to discover that it didn't work with Netscape. Why? 'Cause Netscape sucks. Sure Internet Explorer has that whole monopoly thing and I hate Microsoft more than anything but with their infinite resources they made a much better browser. I can barely even test my pages on Netscape these day 'cause I'm lucky if I get 5 minutes out of it before it crashes on my. Anyway enough ranting. Go vote if you haven't and even if you have click on a face and see the now Netscape functional thing I got going on. If you notice anything else that doesn't work with Netscape please tell me. There's already this nice border on all my tables that only seems to work with IE and I can't seem to get the widths to work right. Sunday July 11th 1999
##I sent out the second issue of the Jar Jar Hate Newsletter today. If you haven't already signed up you can read it here. The topics of discussion today were "South Park Takes on Jar Jar", "Would you rather", "Speak Gungan" and "The Phantom Menace Word Search".
##I added a new "Would you Rather" poll. Go vote on the main page. You can get more insight into this poll by reading today's issue of the Jar Jar Hate Newsletter. Tuesday July 6th 1999
##4 Hate Links were added today bringing the total up to 34. I also seperated them into categories like "Jar Jar Ate My Balls Pages".
Sunday July 4th 1999
##I changed the banner for the page and also made a nicer logo which you probably saw at the main page on your way in. The layout has been changed alot and everything is now put in tables. I'll probably eventually make all the other pages look like this too. I also made a banner for my friend Laro's page, Pete's Village. Check out his site. It's full of cool stuff and needs more hits.

Visit Pete's Village!
Thursday July 1st 1999
##The first issue of the Jar Jar Hate Newsletter was sent out today. You can download it here if you haven't already signed up.
##There's also a new poll on the main page. It puts Jar Jar's sexuality into question as many others have. You can learn more about this topic in the latest issue of the Newsletter.
Monday June 28th 1999
##I made a page for the Jar Jar Hate Mailing List that gives basic info about what it's all about. Join now 'cause I'll probably send out the first issue on Thursday morning some time.
Sunday June 27th 1999
PM:##Well it turns out Netscape doesn't support the IFrame function. Too bad 'cause this site looked great for IE users for a few hours. I put the frames back. Once again if you don't like frames... cram it. I might put a noframes version. It would take about 17 seconds but I don't mind frames :P. There are 3 new icons in the frame and I did this nice little trick that make 2 screens of icons.
AM:##I took off the frames and just added the icons at the top of the main page. To everyone who hates frames you can cram it with walnuts.
Saturday June 26th 1999
##I added 7 more Hate Links today bringing the total up to 30. Keep sending them in. This is the largest collection of Jar Jar Links on the net.
Tuesday June 22nd 1999
##Many people have been saying that because of the postings on the message board often being pro-Jar Jar that there are more Jar Jar supporters visiting this page than Jar Jar haters. I don't think this is so and to prove it I put a poll up on the main page. Go vote. Sunday June 20th 1999
##A few more Hate Links were added today bringing to total up to 23.
##I added a bunch of death graphics to the More Hate Art page today. Check it out.# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #
Wednesday June 16th 1999
##I added frames today as I'm sure you've all noticed. Just click on one of the icons at the bottom and the top frame will go there. Pretty basic. Please e-mail me (zz@canada.com) if you experience any problems.
Monday June 14th 1999
##Well today I started the Jar Jar Hate Mailing List. I intend to use this to keep people up to date with major updates to this page as well as to inform them of any Jar Jar or Jar Jar Hate related news that I may learn. Don't worry about your information being given away. The only person who can send you anything is me and I hate spam more than anything... well maybe not more than Jar Jar. What would happen if all of a sudden there was a huge anti-Jar Jar protest at earth capital but no one shows up 'cause the word simply didn't get out. So sign up by entering your name in the space below and clicking on the button.
##This site was mentioned in an article in the Oklahoman on Friday in a column named The Ethernaut, writen by John Ochwat. Read the article Jar Jar Binks Stinks With Force Fans. ##I added 3 more Hate Links bringing the total up to 19.
##More great Jar Jar death graphics have been added to the More Hate Art page.
Saturday June 12th 1999
##I added a bunch of the sites on the Jar Jar Hate WebRing. If you click on the links it should actually give you a variety of sites. I say should be although I know for sure that I added them the Webring still seems to think that I'm the only page there and I can't seem to get to any other pages. WebRing.org really sucks. I made another WebRing a few months ago and had no problems. Now they changed a bunch of stuff and it's glitched worse than windows 95. It takes me about 10 tries before they acknoledge that I'm actually putting in the right password, then I got more problems to deal with. I hope your sites eventually get added... oh I just checked again and they were. I don't take anything back. I still hate WebRing. Why isn't there another service that can provide me with a WebRing? There are still a few people in the queue who haven't added the proper HTML fragment to their page. Do so or you will be punished by catapult.
##Other than that I apologize for the lack of updates. I'm surprised that I didn't actually do anything all week. Would you believe I spent all my free time playing basketball? I planed on doing a bunch of stuff this morning but I've got to leave town for the weekend. If you've sent in some links or graphics don't worry I'll put them up. It might be a few more days though. Sunday June 6th 1999
##I added more new pictures of Jar Jar getting killed to the More Hate Art page.
##I started my own Jar Jar Hate WebRing. If you have a Jar Jar hate site then please join.# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

##I took the Chat Room down. No one was going.
Saturday June 5th 1999
##I put up a few more Hate Links today. There are now 16 links. Send yours in and I'll put them up
##The Jar Jar Hate Chat Room isn't getting much traffic. I figure the best thing to do is set up times where people can come and chat. I'm trying out noon today (Saturday) and tommorow (Sunday). If that doesn't work I'll just take away the link. Feel free to post times at the message board saying when you'd like to chat and maybe people will come.
Thursday June 3rd 1999
##I put up a Jar Jar Hate Chat Room. I hope people enjoy it.
##I added some great Jar Jar death pictures sent in by fans... anti-fans to the More Hate Art page.
##I also updated my Hate Links page. I added 2 links bringing the total to 11. I would like to have as many links as possible up there so please send me your own hate page URL or that of any other that isn't listed here.
Wednesday June 2nd 1999
##I'm absolutely amazed at the huge amount of succes this page has had in the past few days alone. Obviously there's a lot of hate towards the putred Gungan.
##Thanks to everyone who's been signing the guestbook and posting hate at the message board. I do read all your stuff as do many other hate filled people. Keep up the great hate.
##I added some new graphics today. A bigger picture of Jar Jar's severed head with lightsaber through it can now be found on the main page. I added a new page for more art where I'll be posting death graphics created by others as well as some stuff I made which I didn't find needed to clutter the front page. Send in your own hate graphics to jammerzz@hotmail.com
##What more will come in the near future? I hope to start a mailing list where I can notify you of significant updates and send general hate (to Jar Jar, not to you) so until that get's started make sure to bookmark the front page, http://jarjar.iscool.net and check in every few days.
##I may also start a Jar Jar Hate Chatroom. My last attempt at a chatroom failed because it was on my Bots Master Page that got less hits in the past 2 years than this page has gotten in the past week so the traffic should keep it full once I get that started.
##I would also like to start a Jar Jar Hate WebRing. I'm sure by now someone else has already started this but I'll make it with nice gory graphics so Jar Jar Hate Webmasters should be sure to check that out.
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