The Bots Master

There are movies and there are sounds. Enjoy!

Here's are two movies made by Megaman.

Original Opening Theme First is the original opening theme. It features clips from the first 4 episodes, mostly from episode 4) "Stop That Bot" where they fight Beast Bot and Goliath.

More frequently seen Opening Theme This is the more frequently seen opening theme. It features original animation made specifically for the intro where all the the Boyzz and ZZ are just milling around in the streets.

Here's a collection of sounds from the Bots Master:

The Bots Master theme song: bm-theme.wav (854K, 1:19.24)
Read the lyrics to this song.

The promotional message to wear 3D glasses that plays before each episode which played on a monday (1, 6, 11, 16, ... 36): threed.wav (868K, 40.29s)
ZZ: I'm Ziv Zulander, ZZ for short.
Street Boyzz: He's the Bots Master
ZZ: When you hear Laser Time put on your 3D glasses to see the 3D action.
D,Nerd: I know 3D action. It's 3 dimensional spacial extent with height of lights it's ...
ZZ: D'Nerd no. This is 3D action. Now Laser Time Boyzz. Put on your 3D glasses... Game Over Boyzz. Now take off your 3D glasses.
D'Nerd: Wow! I get it. When we hear laser time we put on 3D glasses for 3D action. When 3D action's over it's Game Over.
ZZ: Yeah! That's it. Now you're on. D'Nerd: I'm not on, I'm D'Nerd. On is a preposition used to indicate position contact or location. A house on the beach. 3D glasses on your face.
ZZ: Ah. D'Nerd. Just watch the show.

ZZ says "It's Laser Time Boyzz": lasertime.wav (58K, 2.69s)

ZZ says "Game Over": gameover.wav (33K, 3.04s)

Funky music for the Zulander residence followed by Genesix speaking of the invincible metal alloy: genesix.wav (185K, 17.12s)
Genesix: The metal alloy detector is finished ZZ. You'll be able to transmit all visual detection of special Green Bots to your computer. You'll know exactly how many of them are left.

An example of the synthesized voice of a Green Bot: greenbot.wav (98K, 9.01s)

Green Bot: Special Green Bot 35-774 to security control. I'm going under attack

Jammerzz is injured and says a few words: jammerzz.wav (145K, 13.41s)
Toolzz: How're you doin' my man.
Jammerzz: No problemo man. This'll give Watson somethin' to do.
ZZ: We better get you home Jammerzz. Game Over Boyzz.

The sound played before a commercial break, "Stay tuned for more Bots Master": staytuned.wav (75K, 3.45s)

The sound played at the end of a commercial break "Now for more Bots Master": now4more.wav (75K, 3.45s)

Paradim realizes Ivon Iverson has been switched with Blitzy Zulander: paradimb.wav (100K, 9.23s)
Paradim: Blitzy Zulander.
Montro's Goon: Who? What'd you call her?
Paradim: This is Blitzy Zulander. Ziv Zulander's sister.

The last bit of "The Setting Sun" where the corp's thinking bot makes it's appearance: setnsun.wav (1052K, 1:37.61)

Lady Frenzy: You never should have gone there LLP
LLP: Past history Frenzy. We've got to prepare for this investigation. Stop all Krang ore upgrading plans. Make no moves against anyone until this investigation is over.
Thinking Bot: I can help you out sir Louis. You'd be surprised how capable I've become. Zulander's got thinking bots I understand. I'm a match for anything he has. I can think. I can plan. I can act on my own. All thanks to a little grain Hiss and Barnett put in me.
Lady Frenzy: Aahh!
LLP: What is this?
Hiss: It's the thinking Bot LLP. Barnett's device is a sssssuccess. All we did is insert his brain grain into one of our Green Bots and it became a thinking bot.
LLP: It will do this for any bot?
Hiss: I think so. Can you imagine it? Goliath, Three parter, a multi canon massive destruction bot. You name it. Zulander will never know what hit him
LLP: There is nothing so beautiful as the setting sun. Think what it means. The end of one day. The promise of a new one to come. The end of Ziv Zulander. The beginning of the day of the corp.

Toolzz get's mad at a green bot: toolzz.wav (254K, 23.57s)

ZZ: That's it. They must've put a protective coating
Toolzz: Yeah well I'm gonna unprotect it. Mess with my buddy Jammerzz will ya. Let's see what's protecting you. Here it is. Now ZZ.
ZZ: Hnugh

Toolzz says "Call'm ZZ, he's a cool guy": callzz.wav (76K, 6.99s)
Ivon: I though. I mean my father though you were a terrorist mister Zulander.
Toolzz: Call'm ZZ, he's a cool guy.

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