Lyrics to
The Bots Master
Theme Song

Listen to the theme song now! bm-theme.wav
I finally put up a new file that's not corrupted. If you had trouble downloading the theme song before you should have no trouble with this one.
To hear more sounds like this go to my Bots Master Sounds Page. You'll find quotes from the Bots Master like "Call'm ZZ he's a cool guy" and the end of "The Setting Sun" featuring the corp's thinking bot.

Have fun and sing along with ZZ and the Boyzz.

Street Boyzz (Jammerzz & Toolzz):
Greetings from the Street Boyzz
You know the planet is in a jam
A diabolical plan of only one man
Louis Leon Paradim an international punk
and his army of 3As are his piece of junk
Yeah! Well he can't fade us
He forgot about the Boyzz and the guy who made us
Ziv Zulander, master of Boyzz bots
Street Boyzz (Jammerzz & Toolzz):
We undermine the plot
Sports Boyzz (Ace, Batzz & All Ball):
We're the Sports Boyzz and we like making noise
Commander jock has intelligent droids
I'm cook, and I can take the heat
But don't forget, you are what you eat
Call me Watzon, let me swivel and say
I rock in the doc and I save the day
And D'Nerd is my name
And the brain is my game
I'm Genesix
Any problem I can fix
My name is Ninjzz
The battle hinges
And how I use my sword and while it singes
I'm Ziv Zulander, ZZ for short
You know I fight the corp, I'm the Bots Master
Listen up you all, you're the Boyzz brigade
When it's laser time put on the 3D shades
Laser time Boyzz
Bots Master
Bots Master
Bots Master
Bots Master
Bots Master
Bots Master
Bots Master
Game Over
This page was created by Adam Gardner on: Fri Jan 2nd 1998