Simm of the Month

Princess "Peach" Toadstool

__ This hot little piece of ass has gotta be the horniest bitch in video game history. All she ever does is get kinapped. She started out way back in Donkey Kong, then Mario Bros., followed by the Super Mario Bros. series including all spinoffs (Land, World, Cart...). Peach is as big a part of video game history as the Mario Brothers themselves. When you really think about it the goal of most classic video games, rescuing the princess, is really nothing more than an elaborate booty call. Peach sure is one hell of a cock tease, making Mario cross deserts, oceans, caves and everything just to get a little piece of poontang. Of course all throughout his journey Mario thinks only of the sweet reward Peach will give as he rescues her and he is allowed to get a taste of her "frosting". This feeling of sexual excitement and anticipation is shared by all gamers as they cross countless worlds trying to get into that big pink dress.

Chose Peach Damnit! Peachy! She makes me tilt Nothing beats playing as sweet peach she looked like crap back in the day full frontal peach a little sidal action Magic Mushrooms! head... too big does not adhere to my stringent weight requirements she`s the real star Eek!  What a huge cock! She banged DK Just take the Princess I want to go into the Matrix stroke my putter and kiss my balls Magic Mushrooms! Yeah!  Peach has got it!

Choose a whore __ I made this hack of Super Mario Bros. 2 called "Princess Peach Toadstool". It's got all Princesses instead of the usual 4. Click here to learn more.Booty! Check out more Simms