Simm of the Month

Jessica Alba

__ You remember the show Flipper? No, well most people don't but Jessica Alba started out in that. She got more popular recently in movies like the mediocre "Never Been Kissed" and the brilliant "Idle Hands" but her big thing now is her new show "Dark Angel". James Cameron is lucky to have the oppurtunity to work with her on this one. Anyway... she's really hot and I would've made her simm of the month earlier but I held out for the premier of her show. Did they nail the idea of a perfect human or what? Puts 5th Element's vision to shame.

What`s with the hair? nice...everything... Nothin` like a gratuitous panty shot... From Dark Angel intro Swat it bitch! I got in a fight with my cat I wish I was a dolphin um... yeah she`s hot Check out more Simms