Simm of the Month

Colleen Haskell

__ Someone give that girl a million dollars! Well survivor was a damned great show and I think the big reason for it's success is Colleen. I wouldn't mind getting stranded on a desert island with her. To my surprise it turns out she's also a big Pokémon fan. Rosie O'Donnell saw her watching the Pokémon movie. I think it would be cool to be stuck on a desert island with Colleen doing nothing but play Pokémon all day... wonder what I'd do to occupy my nights?

mmm... pagong... ...she wants me OMFG!  Look at those beautifull... Pokémon! That`s the money shot! Hmm... long tongue... she`d be good at... licking stamps Zzzz... A nice sidal shot Caption Check out more Simms