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My favourite Pokémon site: The Pokémasters

M2M, the group that performs on the Pokémon the First Movie Soundtrack:

A word of warning. Don't go to 'cause it's a man to man porno site. You'll come across a lot of that if you search for m2m stuff.

The official site for the Pokémon movie. It's gota lot of neat games and stuff:

Visit Nintendo's official Pokémon site:
It's great for propaganda and stuff, Poké

Gamefreak's official page:
Gamefreak The official page of the company that created Pokémon. It's kinda all in japanese and hard to navigate around but if you look around you'll find a cool image gallery and a lot of nifty graphics.
Gamefreak Home, Pokémon HP Index

More sites:
Tracking Mew
Atlantic Record's M2M site
Universal Pokémon Network
#1 Completely Unofficial Pokémon WebSite
YTV's Pokémon Page
WB11's Pokémon Page
Pikachu's Pokémon Centre
Pokémon Trainer's Unanimous
KGcorndog's Page
Renegade's Pokémon Place
The Cleft of Dimension's Pokémon Shrine
Pokémon (Fan Art)
Venusaur's Pokémon Page
Pokémon Picture Archive
Pokémon (Shockwave)

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