These are all pages that I made. Some I update semi regularly, some I don't. Some I didn't even list here 'cause that's just how much I've given up hope on them.

My Anti Jar Jar Page:
Visit the Jar Jar Hate Page!

Kris Kross Day:

My page for The Bots Master cartoon:

Stuff I don't update:

My Pokémon Page:
Visit ComPewter City!

My Sailor V page:
Visit the Sailor V Page of Funk!

My Dragonflyz Page:
Dragon Flyz

My default startup page :
A kick ass site put together by some friends of mine. I like to think I help out too. and are Star Wars pages that don't suck.

This is a really good place to get proxies.

Wil Wheaton Dot Net is the site for that hot guy in Star Trek: The Next Generation. is a good site making and burning VCDs. is a great Even Stevens page.

The Goatse Man is a real asshole but he's got such a great site. These are pages of real life friends of mine. They're pretty much all everything nothing type of pages.

The Laros' page:
Visit Pete's Village!

Martin's Page is Martin's page. It's really hot... in a sexual sense.

Vinh's Page, The Posse Hookup Barn, is a page about "The Posse" which is this group of friends from school I hang around with. is Al's Web Site. It's mostly about a school project but he puts some funky stuff in there some times.

Dom's pages:

File Hider is this freeware program that my friend Van made. It's super good for hiding porn and I would totally buy the full version if I had a job and stuff. Watch me get a job and then this is still up for super long and then everyone knows I'm all talk.

Sometimes Bored in Ottawa is Roy's site. He lives in Ottawa. He's sometimes bored. is Ryan's site. It's got pictures and stuff. If you look hard you'll find me.

The Duncan Reality is Hannes's Tim Duncan yahoo group. It the biggest Tim Duncan club on Yahoo!

This is Brennan's site which he uses to put pictures of stuff.

And a lot of my friends who had their pages on the school servers don't have those pages anymore so if you're one of them and moved your page or you're someone else who I know who has a page then let me know and I'll add a link.

And some pages of friends who I've never actually met:

Planet Zac is Zac Shipley's page. is Dez's page. He's good at web design so if you're the kind of person who would pay for stuff like that I can't recommend him enough.

The Transformers Monolith is Prowl's Transformer's page.

Well a lot of my online friends spend too much time on message boards to have pages or I just don't know them well enough. Let me know if you have a site that I should link to... you know if I like you and stuff. These are a few message boards that I visit frequently:

My message board - Post nudes here
MaximumLetdown - My #1 hideout
Last Board on Earth - joe's board. My #2 hideout.
Procyon - Funky board of funk.
The Organized Clique - JGargoyle and friends' board
Crazy's Procrastination Station - CRAZYJACO'S LOVE NEST
Lyrics Forum - Best forum for posting lyrics
Even Stevens NetForum - A board for the great show Even Stevens
Iacon Harbor - I think this is the only Transformers board on the Internet that hasn't pissed me off