Who's this fucking poser: http://www.stormpages.com/antirelena/wwwboard/742.html? (post deleted. Here's a backup.)

They claim to be me but... not it's not!

I ask myself who "Neko-chan", owner of this site, is.

Why Neko-chan came to my Jar Jar board just 2 days ago and posted in here.

Neko-chan's post was made within minutes of my alleged post at the anti relena board.

The subject of Neko-chan's page is anti Relena. Relena is the girl in Gundam Wing. Why... I hate Relena. That round fucking face pisses me off and have used such porn pics before for other capers. I would think Neko is me if I didn't know better.

Is Neko-chan the one impersonating me?


Neko-chan's IP is

I found this post through my extreme tracker. It's wildly convenient. This is the second time someone impersonates me!

Here's a note for someone who would like to impersonate me in the future. I never write the "www" in my URLs. I hate the "www". Also I've learned to always end a URL that ends with a folder name with "/" to avoid it adding the hated "www" when it isn't written in.

Neko-chan will come explain herself in this thread.