AC^3 2007

An Anime convention in Ottawa. (43)
November 2nd to the 4th 2007

Otakon 2007

Yet another Otakon where we dressed as Zoisite and Kunzite from Sailor Moon (138)
July 19th to the 23rd 2007

Otakon 2006

Our second Otakon this time dressed as San and Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke (199)
August 3rd to the 7th 2006


Janine and my birthdays in Ptown (22)
February 10th to 14th 2006

Ali's Birthday

A surprise birthday party for Ali (56)
January 26th to 30th 2006

Ptown - January 2006!!!

In celebration of... Saturday... (16)
January 7th 2006

New Years 2006

Janine comes by for New Years though I didn't get any pictures of New Years Eve... (16)
January 1st to 3rd 2006

Christmas With the Family

A few random shots which ignore the eventfull happenings of the Gardner Christmas (16)
December 23rd 2005

Christmas Party

Marianne hosts our yearly Christmas pot luck/gift exchange party (36)
December 23rd 2005

Fake Christmas

Janine comes to Ottawa to celebrate an early Christmas... and we get engaged (62)
December 19th to 21st 2005

Ptown - December 2005

Janine's Grandfather's birthday party... without pictures of the actual party... (46)
December 10th and 11th 2005

AC^3 2005

An Anime convention in Ottawa. (43)
November 18th to the 21st 2005

Ptown - November 2005

A weekend in ptown. (28)
November 13th and 14th 2005

Halloween 2005

Francoise's Halloween party. (25)
October 29th 2005

Ptown - October 2005

A day in ptown. (61)
October 14th 2005

Thanksgiving 2005

Another thanksgiving at Ali and France's. Janine came along this year (52)
October 8th to the 10th 2005

Santa Clara

A work trip to Santa Clara for BEA World 2005 (36)
September 27th to the 30th 2005

Ptown Strikes Back

A few pictures of some dogs and Janine and I trying on some wigs... (13)
September 23rd to the 26th 2005


A yearly big geeky anime convention in Baltimore (212)
August 8th to the 28th 2005

More Fun in Ottawa

Mostly Cracker (19)
July 29th to the 31st 2005

Tania's Cottage 2005

3rd annual trip to Tania's Cottage (53)
July 15th to the 19th 2005

Post Canada Day Weekend

Canada Day not included (14)
July 3rd and 4th 2005


A crazy trip to the city of smog and bad drivers (171)
June 11th to the 21st 2005

Anime North 2005

A fun weekend which mostly involved Anime North (174)
May 26th to 30th 2005

Star Wars Weekend!

The days surrounding the Star Wars Episode III premier (36)
May 18th to 20th 2005

Janine and Me in Ottawa... again

A fun weekend (64)
May 6th to 8th 2005

Janine and Me in Ottawa

Ottawa doesn't totally suck... (11)
April 16th and 17th 2005

More Ptown

Fun in Peterborough for Easter weekend (52)
March 24th to 28th 2005


Visiting Janine in the big city of Peterborough (74)
February 25th to 28th 2005

New Years 2005

Janine and aDam's excelent adventures in Montreal (43)
December 31st 2004 to January 2nd 2005

Christmas 2004

Getting together at Francoise and Marianne's for Christmas 2004 (39)
December 19th 2004


The lunar eclipse! (38)
October 27th 2004

France and Ali's Wedding

Ceremony, reception and me burning my finger (35)
October 16th 2004

Ali's Bachelor Party

Various pictures of everyone but the strip club from Ali's bachelor party (80)
October 9th 2004

Thanksgiving 2004

A yearly tradition now with crossdressing and Twister (66)
October 8th 2004

Apple Baseball

Me and my friends hitting apples with a bat (26)
August 20th 2004

Otf*ck 2004

Pictures from the awesomely geeky trannie convention (103)
June 29th - August 2nd 2004


A few pictures of my car (4)
May 26th 2004

New Years 2004

New years fun at Dom's cottage (28)
December 31st 2003 to January 1st 2004

Cookie & stuff

More random pet pictures as well as the first pictures of our new dog Cookie (22)
June to December 2003

Thanksgiving 2003

Some pictures of Thanksgiving at Ali and France's (66)
October 11th 2003

Tania's Cottage 2003

A bunch of us spend a weekend at Tania's cottage (106)
August 8th to 10th 2003

Otfuck 2003

Pictures I took at a trannie convention (59)
July 25th to 27th 2003

An Evening at Il Primo's

France's Birthday at Il Primo's (33)
May 14th 2003

An Evening at Sthubbies

Chillin' at the Sthubbies (32)
April 19th 2003

Karaoke Night

Going out to House of Cheung for some Karaoke (46)
April 11th 2003

Fun Stuff

Just me bored with my camera in the morning (14)
April & May 2003

More Pets

The cats go outside! (37)
Early May 2003


Terrorising my pets (64)
April 2003

Test Pictures

A load of test pictures I took on the first day I had my camera (42)
April 9th 2003