The few other
Bots Master related
pages on the web:

Yahoo! Clubs - Bots Master The only considerable online grouping of Bots Master fans. Episode Downloads It doesn't even have a title but it does have an episode for download. Here's hoping he put more up. Bots` Master This is a simple page by Bell X-1, the company that did some sound effects for the show. Bots Master "Jungle Fiver" Has some pics of the Jungle Fiver toy. Kumachans - Bots Master This page sells a lot of toys. It's got a list of Bots Master toys and a huge picture of the back of the Ninjzz box. The World by Rafael Mattos dos Santos It has a section about the Bots Master. The Bots Master It's in Japanese so you probably can't read it. It has a bunch of pictures of the Dr. Hisss toy and box. Want to know where to buy them? The capitalist links you're looking for can be found here

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