Bots Master

Episode List

1) "Adios ZZ"
2) "Enter the Ninjzz"
3) "Blitzy's BattleBots Brigade"
4) "Stop that Bot"
5) "Bloc 93"
6) "Flowers for ZZ"
7) "Rock the Corp"
8) "This Land is my Land"
9) "You can Bank on it"
10) "ZZ Come Back"
11) "Lost"
12) "Bring the Boyzz Down"
13) "Spybot"
14) "Climb the Mountain"
15) "Assault on Bunker 435"
16) "Blind Date"
17) "Grasp for Power"
18) "Bobby and his Bots"
19) "The Weapon"
20) "A Few Good Boyzzs"
21) "A Tale of Two Paradims"
22) "General Blitzy"
23) "The Zulander Scanner"
24) "Mind Gamez"
25) "Island Ploy"
26) "Photo Finish"
27) "A Gift for Frenzy"
28) "ZZ and the Law"
29) "The Appointment"
30) "The Duel"
31) "The Bad Boyzzs are among us"
32) "Friendly Enemy"
33) "The Gift"
34) "The Bots in the Booth"
35) "Building Eight" (download)
36) "The Tome of Doom"
37) "Friendly Frenzy"
38) "Momzz"
39) "Fly Me to the Moon"
40) "The Setting Sun"

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  • This is where it all begins. At the beginning of the episode ZZ (Ziv Zulander), the true creator of the 3A (Auto Activated Androbot) is still technically an employee of the corp. He is in RM corp tower and is recording the details of the corp's new plan to insert krang chips into all the 3As or bots in the world. This chip causes them to have control over the bots and therefore have the power to take over the world. ZZ has decided to fight the company he once worked for with the aid of his BOYZZ (Brain Operated Young Zygoetopic Zoids). They are intelligent bots witch ZZ originally created to be his playmates. He is now forced to use them in his fight against the corp.

  • At the same time reporter Lany Chang is interviewing LLP (Sir Lewis Leon Paradim) and is seeing the side of the story that the general public is seeing. The corp claims that LLP is the creator of the 3A. LLP announces the creation of the Krang chip which he claims will upgrade 3As to make them greater than ever. (It is often mentioned in the series by the corp that Krang chip upgrading benefits the bots in many ways however no examples of how they are upgraded are ever given.) Lany also mentions that LLP is likely candidate for world presidency, a theme which will come back often but the election itself never takes place.

  • Dr. Hiss tells LLP that Zulander knows everything. Lady Frenzy voices her concern for ZZ saying that he is a brilliant scientist and would be valuable to the corp. (Despite their different views Lady Frenzy and ZZ have strong feelings for each other.) The corp send their green bots after ZZ who narrowly escapes the building with the help of Swang and Twig.

  • Back at home ZZ lowers the house that his grandfather built underground. D'Nerd informs him that the corp is likely to go after his sister Blitzy in order to get to ZZ. (Besides Blitzy and their grandfather, no other relatives of the Zulander like their parents are ever mentioned. ZZ lives on his own and Blitzy lived at school.) Naturally ZZ goes to rescue his sister.

  • ZZ meets some resistance in busting Blitzy out of her school because the corp have Krang chip upgraded the Megacity police bots. In true Bots Master style the bad guy get blasted and the good guys are never hit. Blitzy knew ZZ would come so she told all the other girls to hide in the basement.

  • Back at the house Blitzy takes no time getting used to the BOYZZ. There is instant friendship. Genesix explains that given the combination of natural resources around the house and the scientific resources of the BOYZZ they can make unlimited amount of their own bots with which to fight to corp. Blitzy get's all into the idea of making bots.

  • Summary by Ace

  • This episode starts with ZZ, Toolzz, and Jammerzz about to destroy a Truck Bot. As Mirorrzz has not been invented yet I have no idea how they got the information. But anyway, they sucessfully destroy the Truck Bot and go home. However Paradem learns about the incident. He decides to create some bad press for ZZ by saying that injuries were sustained by innocent bystanders even though there were not. The Corp calls a press confreernce.Back at the Zulander house ZZ and the Boyzz are watching the televiewer. Lonnie Chang is saying that due to ZZ's attack some people went to the hospital for burns (of course this isn't true). ZZ is worried because he doesn't want to hurt innocent people. Then Lonnie Chang says that Lady Frenzy has a special message for ZZ. Lady Frenzy says that "LLP wants peace" and that the only way there can be peace is if the two of them meet alone. Naturally Frenzy makes a point of being very seductive so ZZ can't help but call her. After the segment is over Blitzie thinks that Lady Frenzy is stupid for thinking that ZZ would get lured into such an obvious trap. Of course ZZ is completely won over. He calls Lady Frenzy making sure that he bounces the signal so the Corp can't find him. They agree to have two of each of their bots to meet to discuss where they should meet (or really its ZZ who's doing all the talking Lady Frenzy seems to be flirting or something). Naturally Lady Frenzy tries to have the call traced but it doesn't work because it was bounced. She gets very angry at this. So at night Cook and Watson meet up with two of the corp's green bots. Hiss is hiding and manipulating the green bots so he can find out how the BOYZZ work. Watson and one of the green bots interlink and Watson get electrocuted. Toolzz and Jammerzz, who were hiding in cause anything went wrong, come out and destroy the green bot. Dr. Hiss gets really angry and comes out to destroy the BOYZZ in his MDV.Jammerzz just tosses the green bot's dismembered head and causes a landslide of junk on Dr. Hiss. Back at the house ZZ is getting ready to meet Lady Frenzy. Blitize doesn't hesitate in telling ZZ he's being a moron. So after ZZ leaves she and Genisix devolp some new BOYZZ to launch their attack on Lady Frenzy. ZZ, being the honest soul he is, believes in Lady Frenzy and doesn't bring any of his BOYZZ to the minefield like they agreed. Of course when Lady Frenzy gets there a bunch of green bots appear to capture him. Not wanting to get captured he grabs Lady Frenzy and activates his antigravity boots. However as soon as they almost escape, he runs out of energy and they begin to fall. Frenzy thinks she's won- until Blities shows up and starts blasting all the green bots (I think the attack sequence that follows is one of the best ones in the series). As soon as all the green bots are gone there's nothing left- except Lady Frenzy. Of course Frenzy's got a few more trick up her sleeve. A really cool looking UFO comes and is about to drop a bunch of bombs on ZZ and the BOYZZ. However ZZ, Twig, and Ninjzz in true Bots master form destroy the killer UFO and land safely. Right before ZZ, Blitizie, and the BOYZZ hit the road though, Paradem calls Lady Frenzy through her fallen communicator and asks if she's got Zulander. In one of the best lines in Bots master ZZ yells "No way Paradem! Not today, not anyday! The battles just beginning!" What a happy ending.

  • Side note: Recently I figured out that reporter Lonnie Chang is a neat parody of former news caster Connie Chang. Connie Chang used to be an under-respected reporter for NBC here in the states. That is until, two years ago when she interviewed infamous Speaker of House Newt Gingirch's mom. Mrs. Gingrich called the first lady of our country a word which I'd rather not repeat (let's just say it rhymes with witch okay?). The scandal was so great Connie Chang was forced to quit. Happily though, Connie now spends her time at home with talk show hubby Maury Povich.

  • =================== Ace, master of anime
  • As the episode begins we see Hiss and Lady Frenzy in Frenzy's office. Hiss says that everything is all was set. Paula had taped her commercial at the corp school. Blitzy Zulander was sure to see it.

  • A news report by Lany Chang is on the televiewer. She says that the presidents and kings (not queens)of the world are arriving at the airport for Sir Lewis Leon Paradim's birthday celebration were entertainment will be supplied by Randal Crandle and the handle.
  • Blitzy who is watching the report at home comments on how much she would love to see Randal Crandal and the Handle. ZZ tells her he'll tell her all about it. He's going to go because he can't miss an opportunity like this to unveil the corp's plot to take over the world. Blitzy begs for him to bring her but he refuses. She is consoled by the fact that her favorite show "Video Ad" is playing. The show where viewers make their own commercial. The first ad was by Paula to her good friend who she hadn't seen in a while (Blitzy). She said "I've got a big problem see and only you can help". Blitzy naturally decides she must see her.

  • Batzz and Kiddie take Blitzy to the corp school to see Paula. Paula is shocked and dissapointed that she really came. The corp ambush them. Paula says that she didn't think Blitzy would come and that both her parents worked for the corp and would be fired if she didn't collaborate. A battle ensues and eventually Blitzy is caught in a net. Batzz and Kiddie escape reluctantly deciding that there is no way they could save Blitzy.

  • Back at the home Genisix is finished Tank-Beat and is working on Heli-Beat. Watson is putting a costume on D'Nerd. This is a weird scene. There is a mistake when D'Nerd talks and he has Genesix's voice. He says: "ZZ from the day you activated me I've never made a blip of complaint. To make us get dressed up like a group of of..." Batzz and Kiddie bust in saying that Blitzy has been kidnapped.

  • Hiss is telling Frenzy that he would like to have some time with Blitzy to get the location of ZZ's secret headquarters. Frenzy says that they should keep her in the special metals vault as insurance to make sure ZZ doesn't crash the party. ZZ is watching the whole scene on Mirrorzz.

  • Randal Crandle is singing and playing music with his bots (the Handle). He says his motto is "Rip and destroy". He says that why he's tops in his career and LLP's tops in his. (This basically establishes Randal as a bad guy so that it's more acceptable that ZZ kidnap him.) He goes to get his equipment and is ambushed by the Boyzz. ZZ is dressed like Randal.

  • Commercial break
  • Randal Crandle is tied up alowing ZZ and the Boyzz to enter RM corp city impersonating Randal Crandle and the Handle. They stole his ID so there is no problem with security check. (They don't bother to do a huma-scan because the gig would be up.) Some green bots detect the weapons systems and are destroyed. ZZ fakes out security control who is inquiring about the noise by faking a 3A synthesized voice.

  • ZZ runs into Hisss and screams his name. Hisss is shocked that he knows his name but ZZ says he's interested in anything that makes him money. Hisss tries to scan his equipment but is called. He tells a green bot to do it. ZZ messes him up with a wrench and he freaks out. They rush to the stage because there running late.

  • ZZ and the Boyzz are playing music. Paradim enters. Frenzy says that he should make a short speech, cut the cake and then leave.

  • Blitzy is in the corp special metals vault getting a kick out of playing with solid gold building blocks. The Street Boyzz bust her out.

  • This allows ZZ to continue with his plan. He says he has a special surprise for Sir Lewis Leon Paradim. He says that all the Presidents and Kings of the world wouldn't be there if they knew of the corps plan to take over the world and removes his mask. Laser Time The speakers equipment transforms into Jungle Fiver Everyone flees the room but LLP and ZZ thinks he's got him. Paradim's face melts off and he was really a clone loaded with explosives. They escape. Game Over

  • The talking heads are freaking out because Randall Crandle is in their home. They have dreams of becoming stars. Blitzy freaks out because she touched Randal's shoes. Everyone is acting crazy and Randall says he'd "do anything to get out of this madhouse". Blitzy says "anything?", pointing to his shoes. Randall leave and Blitzy gets her shoes.

  • Lady Frenzy is the making an offer to buy the O'connor estate. Mr. O'connor says that he is uninterested in selling and kicks Frenzy out of his home. Frenzy leave after telling Mr. O'connor that although the RM corp is their neighbours it wouldn't be wise to make an enemy of them.

  • Frenzy sends some humabots to wreck the place. Mr. O'connor explains that the corp want their property to build the MDB factory. The humabots come in and wreck the place. ZZ Ninjzz and the Sports Boyzz come in and beat drain the humabots' power. Ronnie (Mr. O'connor's son) gives his father his blaster which he sticks up ZZ with. Mr. O'connor believes that ZZ is a terorist.

  • LLP gives it to Hiss because his humabots failed. He decides to Krang chip upgrade the O'connor's bots: 3 gardener bots, 2 maid bots, maintenance bots...

  • ZZ is watching the whole thing on Mirorzz. Ninjzz suggests using the kids to help them because the girl seemed to like him. Blitzy asked what girl. Ziv told her that she should try to get through to Ronnie, a cute boy her age. She was easily sold.

  • The bots at the O'Connor estate had been upgraded and Beast Bot was there to keep Zulander away. Beast Bot saw Blitzy and chased her. He missed and rammed a green bot into a log. Swang who was carrying ZZ's scent ran into the water. Beast Bot followed and got fried.

  • Getting into the house was easy because ZZ had designed the lock on the door while working for the corp. Ziv and Blitzy met Ronnie and Una. Ziv said that they would get help from there parent. Una told him her parents where in China.

  • The Boyzz where being dropped off at the O'Connor estate. Mr. O'Connor was asking what it was all about. Una said that it was her parents stuff and that she must have forgotten to tell him it was coming.

  • Frenzy told the green bots to "Bring the house down around O'Connor's ears. The vacuum bots started to beat up O'Connor. All of their Bots started going haywire. D'Nerd was making a video of it while Batzz and Toolzz where destroying the 3As.

  • Mr. O'Connor called Lady Frenzy to blackmail her with the tape that D'Nerd made. Frenzy pretend to agree with him but instead planned a "testing accident" to happen to the O'Connor estate. When ZZ hears of what O'Connor did he sends Blitzy to get Jungle Fiver.

  • Goliath, the MDB (Massive Destruction Bot), attacks the house. The Boyzz hold him off until Jungle Fiver comes and takes him out.

  • O'Connor strikes another deal with Frenzy. The corp must leave him alone and pay for the damages to his home or the tape will get out to every journalist in the world. When D'Nerd looks in the camera however he discovers that there was no tape in the camera. Since Frenzy doesn't know this it doesn't matter.

  • Summary by Ace

  • Seeing as how you've been putting off doing that summary of "You Can Bank On it" I'm doing it myself. "You Can Bank On it" is a soon to be American and Canadian classic containing those three things we all like, sex (well not really. Mortimer Cromley turned Lady Frenzy down like a deffectitve car) money, and of course lots of explosions!

  • The episode starts out with Hiss and Lady Frenzy talking about how the Corp is about to upgrade the bots at the Central World Bank, the largest bank in the world- and the bank that has ZZ's bank account. Once the 3A's are upgraded not only will the Corp have control of almost all the money in the world, but they can also cut off ZZ's bank account so he'll be broke.

  • ZZ and Blitzy go to one of the Central World Banks in disguise to sabotage Hisss's experimental 3A's. Hisss and the CEO of the Central World Bank, Mortimer Cromley, are there overseeing the bots. Once inside, ZZ arranges to have Blitzy open an account with the bank. While the bots are talking to them, ZZ and Blitzy both sabotage the bots so they'll malfunction. Genisix puts a copy of master circuit board in one of the 3A's so it'll jump around. Needless to say, the bots terrorize the customers and Cromley is appaled and wants Hiss and the upgraded bots out. Hiss realizes that ZZ and Blitzy have sabotaged his bots and send the police and the Corp forces after them. Fortunately, the Zulanders make a clean escape with the aid of an exploding attache case and some Boyzz Blitzy brought along.

  • Back at RM Corp City, Frenzy berates HIss for being the idiot he is. Paradem says that all is not lost yet. He arranges a meeting between Mortimer Cromely and Lady Frenzy. He tells Frenzy to make Cromely "an offer he cannot refuse."

  • The next day, at the meeting over some drinks, Frenzy offers the bank 5 million dollars and 5 mil for Cromely himself. He can get 5 more big ones if he illegally shuts down ZZ's account and upgrades his 3A's. As she say, "I can be very appreciative," indicating she'll sleep with him if he does this. The sex and the money is apparently too much for the sixty something Cromely and says he'll come by her apartment later to get the cash. ZZ and Blitzy are watching this on Mirrorzz. Blitzy says ,"all Frenzy has to do is pour on the charm, bat her eyelashes and guys melt over her." So true Blitzy, for ZZ is also mesmerized by her beauty. Blitzy snaps him out of it and he and some of the Boyzz goes to withdraw all his money.
  • However by the time they get to the ATM it's too late. His account number triggers an alarm and ZZ and the Boyzz narrowly escape.

  • Later, ZZ and the Boyzz say the only way to get their money back is to catch Cromely taking the bribe money. ZZ and the Boyzz get ready to go.

  • Soon Cromely reaches Lady Frenzy's apartment after all the security precautions. A bot tells him to go to the living room where there's a huge dinner. Lady Frenzy comes out in a skimpy black dress and starts seducing him (she even calls him Mortie. Is there anyone Lady Frenzy won't sleep with?!).

  • However Cromely apparently doesn't care for Frenzy's body as much as he wants her money. He tells her, "I find you very attractive.. but my heart belongs to money." She gets pissed because she's been turned down (she's probably never been turned down in her life) but gets the money anyway. As soon as Cromely takes the money two of ZZ's Boyzz take a picture of him taking the bribe money.

  • Cromely runs away, badly frightened. ZZ and the Boyzz break into the elevator where he is and grab the money. ZZ says that unless Cromely quits his job at the bank and reopens his account he'll show the press Cromley taking Lady Frenzy's bribe money. Cromely has no choice but to agree. The Boyzz blast the Corp forces and go home apparently 5 million dollars richer.

  • The next day, on the news, Lonnie Chang says that the business world is shocked that Mortimer Cromely has quit his job at the bank. Cromley says that he quit "for health reasons", but of course ZZ knows the truth. And once again the world is safe from seductive corporate tramps thanks to Ziv Zulander.

  • Summary by Ace

  • This is a summary of "Blind Date" a cautionary tale of what can happen if you don't check out who you're dating.
  • This episode starts out with the Corp transported a bunch of Krang chips. ZZ and the Boyzz successfully blast the chips and go. Back and the house the Boyzz ar celebrating but ZZ is pathetically working at his computer. Blitizy asks what's wrong. He says that all they did was blast some Krang chips and the Corp will just make more and they'll have to blast those up. He goes off to his room to mope. Watson and Cook say that ZZ needs to have a girlfriend. So the two decide to "buy" a girl for ZZ in the Corp's bot catalog. They see a model in the catalog and decide to "buy" her. Cook calls the Corp, (with the signal bounced of course). He asks to buy the girl. Because the Corp's bots are dumb they don't get what Watson is saying. So the operator bot calls Lady Frenzy (who is sitting around having her nails done which tell us what a hard working woman she is). As soon as the bot tells that the call is from several different locations she automatically knows that its one of ZZ's Boyzz. She tells the bot to give Cook the model's number. Cook and Watson are elated. At the RM Corp model agency the model, (whose name is Alica) is talking to her agent. She isn't too sure about going out with ZZ, but her agent tells her that she's doing a favor for Lady Frenzy so it'll be alright. When ZZ finds out about it he immediately calls the model to "set things" straight. However once he does he ends up making a total idiot of himself but ends up getting a date anyway with Alica which is the most important thing anyway. Later, Blitzy and the Boyzz are getting ready for the date which is apparently taking place outside on the lawn of the underground house. Blitzy says the whole thing is nuts, but Cook tells her that it'll make ZZ happy. ZZ comes by all suaved up for his big date. Blitzy tells him, "What if she's a dog? A lot of these models look different in person." Dang, that was cold Blitzy! When Alica comes the Boyzz and Blitzie go, leaving ZZ alone with Alica. He manages to say that she's beautiful and give her a flower without making a total fool of himself like he usually does when he talks to women. ZZ and Alica are having a nice intimate dinner, and they're about to kiss... that is until Lady Frenzy and her helibots bust things up! ZZ gets all duked up in his warrior suit (he must be a quick change artist because in the last shot he was in a tux), and starts whipping the Corp. ZZ tells Alica to go because he doesn't want he to get hurt. She's says it's okay and kisses him. ZZ tells Blitzy to take Alica to her car. A helibot is about to shoot Alica but Frenzy say that the Corp might need her later. Of course ZZ and the Boyzz win leaving Frenzy to go home with her tail between her legs. Back in Lady Frenzy's office the next day, Alica tells her agent that she was shocked that the Corp would try to shoot ZZ. The agent tells Alica that her date was Ziv Zulander, "a wanted criminal." Alica is shocked because she thought he seemed so nice. Then Lady Frenzy comes in and starts flattering Alica to death. Frenzy says that ZZ is wanted by the police and that she should help the Corp capture him. Alica isn't sure but Frenzy says if she does this she can make Alica into a supermodel "or see to it you never work again." Alica is sold. At the Zulander house ZZ is worried about Alica. Blitzy says to forget her because she;s obviously working for the Corp. ZZ is naively shocked. When he calls Alica makes another date at a deserted beach. ZZ eagerly accepts. After Alica is finished talking she wonders if she's doing the right thing. Frenzy, who was listening to the whole thing, says she did the right thing and that she needed to pack to get to a fashion show in Hawaii. As ZZ drives to the beach he knows that Blitzy will be angry but goes anyway. Once at the beach he sees Alica, (or so he thinks) laughing to herself. She asks what'ss so funny. She turns around and turns out to really be Lady Frenzy skillfully masquerading as Alica. ZZ and Twig are captured by her Green bots and ZZ is tossed into a truck bot (he looks really pathetic here). He turns on his homing device on his wrist. Blitzy is angry that ZZ was dumb enough to walk into such an obvious Corp trap. Genisx told her not to worry. However one of the taking heads noticed that Alica is modeling in a show at Hawaii on TV. Blitzy realizes that ZZ is in a trap so once again she and the Boyzz go to rescue ZZ after ZZ gets caught in once of Lady Frenzy's traps. After Frenzy is just past the main gate she thinks she's won, but Blitzy attacks. Cook and Watson free ZZ and Ninjzz frees Twig. ZZ hops into Twigg and they hit the road. Frenzy swears that one day she'll make ZZ pay for this (probably in sexual favors I imagine). At the house Blitzy tells ZZ "I told you so." But ZZ, being the naive guy he is, still believes in Alica and doesn't think she had anything to do with his kidnapping. One day he'll find out for sure. Like most Bots Master episodes this has a mystery that I keep thinking about everytime I watch it. Does Lady Frenzy capture ZZ here to get rid of that pesky Zulander? Or is it because she really want ZZ for herself? That should keep you thinking.
  • ========================================= Ace (Master of Anime Mysteries)
    Summary by Ace

  • The episode starts with Ninjzz going to meet a Japanese guy (I don't recall his name) in an abandoned lot. The Japanese guy says that he has the legendary Love flower- a flower that makes anyone it touches into a kind and loving person. However the guy was working in cahoots with the Corp. Fortunately he had enough intergrity not to reveal to the Corp the secret of the love flower. Ninjzz fights off the Corp's forces alone until ZZ and the other Boyzz come along and finish it all off. Back at the house Watson is working on the love flower to turn it into a liquid form. However the love flower has a terrible stench and makes the lab stink. The love flower extract is put in a perfume bottle until it will be used. There is only enough for three spritzes, one for Hiss, one for Paradem, and one for Frenzy. Their first target is Frenzy who is making a speech at the press club. ZZ goes in disguise to meet her there. If you'll notice, during her peech, Frenzy says "I say what's good for the Corp is good for the Corp," at first then corrects herself and says "is good for the world." After the speech ZZ confronts Frenzy and says that he has made a perfume named after her and wants her to take a whiff. Of course the love flower potion stinks and Frenzy is profoundly disgusted. She takes ZZ's bottle, smashes it against the wall, and leaves in a huff. Later at RM Corp City, Paradem tells Dr Hiss that although he knows Hiss and Frenzy never got along he won't tolerate Hiss saying that she "stinks". Hiss protests and says that its true. Just then Frenzy comes in and boy has she changed. Gone are her skin tight clothes and phone sex operator voice (though oddly enough she's showing more cleavage than ever). She now looks, talks, and acts like a hippie and is happily handing out flowers to Hiss and Paradem. Frenzy even calls Dr Hiss "handsome" (you'd have to be really kind to say that). The stench of the love flower still remains and even Paradem comments on it. Despite her abrupt personality change, Paradem tells Hiss to take Frenzy to go to Prince Kenoki's hotel room and buy a Krang meteorite that fell in his country. Hiss reluctantly takes Frenzy and tells her to "try to act semi-normal". Through Mirrorzz, ZZ and the Boyzz have found out about the meteorite purchase. They're all ready to take it as Frenzy and Hiss come out of the hotel when Frenzy starts to scream. Hiss asks what's wrong. She says that ZZ is hiding in a garage across the way. Hiss sends motorcycle Bots after them. ZZ and the Boyzz are shocked that Frenzy knows where they are. Frenzy then says that ZZ is the most handsome scientist in the world and that she wants to feel him and touch him (this is one of Frenzy's most blatant shows of affection for ZZ in the entire series). Hiss tells her to come back because it's too dangerous. She says she wants to go to ZZ. Hiss wants to get the meteorite back from her so he tells her that he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt. She changes her mind and tosses the meteorite to Hiss. He then abruptly tells her to get over because it's time to go back to RM Corp city. ZZ and the Boyzz then mount their attack. Frenzy then tells everyone to stop because there are ants crawling on the side walk. Hiss finally has enough and tells a motorcycle bot to take Frenzy back to RM Corp City. ZZ uses his anti gravity boots to wrestle the meteorite from a motorcycle bot and they all go home. At RM Corp City, Hiss tells Paradem that Frenzy can now sense where ZZ is coming from. He wants Frenzy to accompany a Krang Ore finder to Europe. Back at the house, Blitzy asks why Frenzy can sense him now. Ninjzz says love to its extreme causes a sixth sense (I think this means that because of Frenzy's love-hate complex towards ZZ the love flower reacted and gave her a sixth sense). To stop Frenzy from sensing ZZ, Watson makes a love flower antidote. Swing goes to Lake Satchel, a lake near the road Frenzy will be taking, to put the love flower antidote in the water. However, swing gets shot down by one of Hiss's bots. ZZ thinks Swing put the antidote in the water so he lures Frenzy away so he can dump her in the water. However when he does nothing happens. Eventually they find the antidote from Swing, whose hurt but will be OK. Then the Boyzz blast the Krang Ore locator and put the antidote in the water. Ninjzz tosses Frenzy into the water just as she comes out of the water. She turns back to her old self and is royally pissed. ZZ and the Boyzz just leave her there to sulk. This page was created by Adam Gardner on: Sun Sept 14 1997