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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2002 1:16 am 
Hi aDam,

This is John from Networking. Just checking out your site...

It certainly looks much gayer than when I posted under the KrisKros section in March. Like the pink and purple you know.

How'd you do in Yangs class? It wasn’t that bad, but yes a few people did manage to fail.

Imagine that, all ready for convocation and already wearing your Iron Ring! Plus that course isn’t even offered next year.

But the purpose of this post -

Id like to impart to you how well written and insightful your beefs are aDam. No Im not being sarcastic or anything, Im serious.

Once a month I come back to read your new beef. Im certain other people would very much enjoy them too, your beefs have a universal quality that appeal to almost all sections of the population.

Its clear that they are written with intelligence and your interjection of profanities only make the beef more intoned to what the readers (most any reader) are really thinking themselves...

For example...

Two days after ATOC came out I saw it at the Famous Players. Well 5 seconds into the movie some acne faced loser yells "WATCH OUT PRINCESS!!!!" then 1 second after that the platform that Padme was walking down explodes and she is killed. I though everything you wrote in your beef this month. However not having your eloquence I expressed myself through a "Do You Think You Could Shut The Fuck Up - Thanks ?" My first public outbreak, and deservedly so. This was after someone else told him to stop talking about the movie while wating in line.

aDam your beefs appeal to the "Everyman."

I strongly feel that you should submit your beefs to a website with a greater exposure to give your beefs a chance to reach the masses. You could get your own monthly (weekly?) beef commentary. They are really that good.

Have a good summer - keep in touch.

Best Regards,



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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2002 1:22 am 
I just read my last post - you know to profreead it after the fact.

Whats up with your name ?

Do you use filtering software that modifies "A-d-a-m" so it always comes up "a-D-a-m." ?

Because I spelt your name with a capital A, but it was posted with a capital D and a lower cased a.



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PostPosted: Tue Jun 04, 2002 10:11 am 
King Koopa
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Well if there's one thing I do well it's get pissed off at stupid stuff. I pour my feelings into those beefs although they're all negative ones. Some months it takes me a while to get a beef up because I don't wanna go forcing it. I mean I could just say "I hate car accidents" or whatever but I always figured it'd come out stupid if I wasn't actually pissed about it. Anyway I'm glad you like them. I get a lot of people who seem to chell out my page just to read them which makes sense I guess since there's little other content. But I don't consider myself a really good writter in a journalistic sense at all. I write like I'd talk which seems to work for what I do.

As far as the idea of weekly beefs goes. I don't know if I could passionately hate that much stuff. Lots of things piss me off but I might start getting into sort of similar things like I'd make fun of some movie one week and then another similar movie two weeks later. Plus I can't even keep up with a new Simm every month.

I don't remember having put "aDam = aDam" in the filter but I did put a lot of stuff in there so that does seem like something I would do. Of course if those two words come out looking the same then I guess I did. If not I didn't... you know?

[edit: yes I guess I did put "A d a m -> aDam in the swear filter]

Anyway I tanked O. Yang's class. I came out of that gym feeling really confident about myself. Expecting an A or something of the sort. Turns out I got a D+. Was cheesed but it's a pass so I just sort of put it behind me. If I had another term and stuff I might go in and get chell my exam and what not but since school's out forever I'm just sort of not really caring about any of that stuff anymore.

Well convocation should be fun in a really boring kind of way. I'm heading over to get my tickets this afternoon. Been a good month since I've set foot on that god forsaken campus.

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