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The importance of having a can opener...
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Author:  aDam [ Sun May 03, 2009 10:57 am ]
Post subject:  The importance of having a can opener...

So I wanted some soup today, and I always keep my pantry full of canned goods, but then I had a problem. My can opener was completely rusted! I don't know how this happened as it was fine for years but I suspect it was left in the sink or something.

I just want to stress the importance of always having at least one can opener and usually a backup. Myself I have the manual hand crank type (now rusted) and one of those old school ones were you perforate the outside of the can in case I need it (which I did today). The last thing you need is to have a well stocked can supply and then need to go out to get a can opener only to get your brains eaten by zombies.

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