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Author:  aDam [ Thu Apr 24, 2008 10:31 pm ]
Post subject:  GPS

I have purchased a GPS. I also have the capability to charge it via standard USB or car adapter, so that in a apocalyptic situation I should have a number of means to keep it running. I wonder however, how long the GPS satellites will remain operational.

Depending on the apocalypse, those satellites should be fine. They just go around in the sky, self powered, and things going to shit on earth should not really affect that. Of course some malicious intent could affect these satellites such as a Government control plot, but this is not my primary concern.

Alien interference could also cause problems, as attacking them would be an obvious first step as it can be done before we ever know they're there, and will limit our ability to detect them and mount a counter offensive. There is also the remote possibility that the situation as seen in the movie Independence Day could happen, and that aliens hijack our satellites to coordinate their takeover. An easy way to communicate around the earth when they don't have line of sight, without the need to deploy obvious satellites of their own.

In war time, it seem reasonable to assume that a force capable of invading would be more than capable of disabling or destroying our satellites.

Good to have, but some hard copy maps can never hurt. I have a few of varying detail, though I would need to take inventory. I know for sure I have Baltimore, a high level US and I think a map book of Canada.

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