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World President Election
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Author:  aDam [ Sun Oct 30, 2005 8:47 pm ]
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Okay... the election still never took place. This is a major recurring theme throughout the series.

The last episode revolves around the kidnapping of the President of the United States' daughter Ivon. She's being kidnapped in order to pressure President Iverson into supporting LLP's candidacy for world President. This obviously does not take place after the election.

Author:  aDam [ Wed Nov 02, 2005 6:37 am ]
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Yes. My episode list is the airing order of the show on both YTV and UPN 38. This is the standard syndication order and they wouldn't have aired it in a different order on any other channel, especially considering the story makes sense one episode to the other. Considering my list has 40 episodes and that one had 21 I would think the answer to that question would be obvious.

There was clearly never an intended order to that list on that site you link. They list "The Setting Sun" as episode 5. This is the last episode I'm talking about. It's the last episode and can't be another. Ignoring the fact that Blitzy cuts her hair in that episode, which we never see short again, there's the simple fact that the corp create a thinking bot in that episode, something they were trying to do throughout the entire series.

For a specific reference note that "Bobby and his Bots" is listed much later in the list although the story in that episode revolves around them trying to steal the secret to make thinking Bots. This is just one of many examples of such continuity errors.

Also note that the first 6 episodes in my list, contrary to that other one, were all released on VHS tape in that same order.

Author:  aDam [ Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:32 am ]
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Yeah I still have them.

It's the election for the first ever world President so there's no cencept of terms or anything at this point.

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