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Trying to find out a character
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Author:  Puck [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 5:54 am ]
Post subject:  Trying to find out a character

I'm not a huge fan of the show or anything, just watched it in my childhood.

Wanting to know if anyone can tell me who one of the bot heads is on that weird shelf thingy (or at least that's how i remember it). I know that he has since been on Futurama if that helps. I wish i could be more specific, but if noone can help me then i understand.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Jun 14, 2005 8:33 am ]
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Genesix, who was ZZ's first BOYZZ, created a few BOYZZ. Birden who was a bird and, who you seem o be refering to, the Talking Heads. These were heads that Genesix never made a body for so they just sat on the shelf and talked.

T4 was always my favourite...

T5 and T4:

T3 and T2:

T2 and T1:

There are 5 in total. The pink one is T4 I'm not certain which name goes with which but I think it's like that. They sit in order.

Author:  Lord potato fishington [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:53 am ]
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was one of the heads really on futurama?

Author:  aDam [ Tue Sep 06, 2005 5:14 pm ]
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I'd say it's pretty unlikely. Though I can't say I'm a big enough Futurama fan to say I've seen every episode but it doesn't seem like the kind of reference they'd make.

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