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Author:  Jen [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 12:11 pm ]
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I was wondering what would happen to the humabots too. They pretty mucn disappeared towards the end of the show already as it is. Now that the Corp has thinking bots they are obsolete now.

If bots overthrow LLP and enslave humans they may very well turn all humans in cyborgs. In a type of "get rid of humans without making a big mess" kind of way, or "make them like us" sort of deal. It would be a way to enslave humans and keep them controllable and unable to rebel if their part machine and now programable.

If LLP does take over without being overthrown by bots I doubt he'd get rid of the humabots himself since they are loyal to him. Hisss would probably keep them around as bodyguards or something. Plus in the past whenever someone would give the Corp trouble Hiss tries to turn them into humabots.


Author:  aDam [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 3:48 pm ]
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Imagine if you would a Humabot with a cybernetic brain equiped with a Brain Grain to interface with it. Maybe a regular bot brain could not communicate with a human brain but if it had the Brain Grain then why not? It's basically the mix between a computer brain and thinking human brain. So perhaps that could enhance the though process beyond that of a human or thinking bot.

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