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Need to get a petition going for Bots Masters
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Author:  Dangerous_D [ Sat Jun 22, 2002 2:30 am ]
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personally I would like to get it on DVD cause it was an awsome anime and I was pissed that fox where I live in cali canned it after 1 year that it was on

Author:  count_nobbus [ Mon Aug 05, 2002 4:03 am ]
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yeah I'll sign it a few times

Author:  Blacksport0187 [ Fri Dec 13, 2002 2:32 am ]
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Count me in on that!

Author:  aDam [ Fri Dec 13, 2002 9:13 am ]
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We should get those crybaby Farscape fans to help us in our futile campaign.

Author:  DeNerd [ Sat May 10, 2003 9:22 am ]
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I'd be glad to sign it! Plus I'm also one of the Farscape fans (Although I'm not a crybaby one, I'm just POed that they left it on such a stupid ending!)

Author:  count_nobbus [ Sat May 10, 2003 11:11 pm ]
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aDam, arent you angry that even stevens and lizzie mcguire got cancelled?

are you going to start your own futile campaign?

Author:  aDam [ Sun May 11, 2003 6:08 am ]
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No. They both stopped production so long ago there's no point in complaining about it. Those shows aren't coming back. I got into them after they were each done production. And I think 65 is a good number. Shows that go on for too long get stupid like the Simpsons. The best Even Stevens episodes, in my opinion, were the first ones so I don't think 7 seasons would do it justice. And I don't want Lizzie to go on without Lalaine. It just wouldn't be right. Let them make a new show where they're in high school or something if they want.

Author:  86ZXTurbo [ Wed May 14, 2003 6:42 am ]
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Id sign it

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