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why do you like botsmaster? - I like the theme song
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Author:  aDam [ Thu Mar 13, 2003 10:25 am ]
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You're right about the theme song but wrong about the Pokémon.

The theme song got much worse after they pulled the original one. I just hated it. Fucking Orange Islands shit!

Anyway in the show they do indeed enforce the 6 Pokémon rule. When Ash gets his Krabby in the episode where they go to see Bill in the Lighthouse the Krabby is sent back to Professor Oak. Ash is surprised and looks into it only to realise that he can only carry 6 Pokémon. When he touches base at home he switches his team up as necessary but since so many of his Pokémon take off that's not very necessary. Oak is also holding his Muk and a bunch of Tauros that Ash caught in an episode which was never dubbed making for a very confusing joke about Oak having a bunch of Tauros in a latter episode.

The Safari Zone episode with the Tauros was cut because of someone putting a gun to someone else's head.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Mar 13, 2003 4:56 pm ]
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i read about those episodes that were cut. one was about 'childrens day' or something. its some holiday in japan but it didnt make sense to americans so they cut it. i believe it was shown in australia.

and there was some episode that was cut because of cross dressing.

and there was that joke about the 'cow-terpie' that also didnt make sense.

whats the deal with brock? how old is he supposed to be?
go figure

Author:  aDam [ Thu Mar 13, 2003 9:43 pm ]
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The cross dressing episode, where James had breats, was eventually translated and brought over here just much later.

I can't remember about the children's day but I think they did have another "lost episode" they eventually brought over with a something day but I thought that was girl's day or something. Can't remember as that was towards the end of my watching.

Author:  BOYZ [ Wed Mar 19, 2003 9:19 pm ]
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BOYZ wrote:
It would be neat if say YTV put on a flash back Sunday with all the late great shows. Kind of like a marathon or maybe a weekly thing. Then some of the old kick ass stuff might catch on again with a younger generation and recapture old fans.
Hell, I think it would work. (All of the shows are tried and true so advertisers would not be hard to find). What do you think?
(Yes I just partially commandeered this thread)

Fired off a well written email to YTV about the idea of a flash back special. It would probably help if some other people sent off emails to them suggesting a similar idea.

Just think, if they like the idea all the best cartoons and shows will get a new breath of life. (even if they are on only once) But hey think about Bots Master hitting the air again! If this thing works i might plotz :)

I can't do this alone so it would help alot if just one or two backed me up. Send a list with kool shows along too. Oh and tell them how it would benefit them to put this old school shit back on. :)

Peace and Good Luck to all who email YTV
Go here and email 'Gen Info'... I think

Author:  count_nobbus [ Wed Mar 19, 2003 10:05 pm ]
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you know what else they should put back on?

dino riders!

Author:  aDam [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:59 am ]
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I have no idea what that is. I used to regularly e-mail YTV and teletoon with programming suggestions. I never felt anyone was passing that stuff along so I sort of gave up.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:35 pm ]
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a couple of years ago an australian TV station started showing 'Eerie Indiana' during the school holidays. it developed a cult following (among me and one other person).

then the bastards took it off the air.

so i tried emailing them and stuff but they didnt listen.

'dino riders' was a cartoon (80s?) about soldier people who rode dinosaurs and put guns on them. or something. i cant remember much of it

Author:  BOYZ [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:45 pm ]
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I totaly know what you mean aDam look at what i got back. :angry:


Thanks for the e-mail. It is always nice to hear from our viewers and your
suggestions are important to us.

Currently, we do not have plans to include your suggestion in our program
schedule. We are sorry if this decision is disappointing for you. We hope
you can understand that our Programming Department reviews hundreds of
programs prior to making any decisions regarding our schedule.

At YTV we believe that our schedule should provide a variety of programs
which appeal to our wide variety of viewers. While we do continually strive
to make all of our viewers happy, as a national network, it is quite a
difficult task.

With this said, we want to assure you that our Programming Department has
been made aware of your suggestions. In the meantime, we hope you will
continue to enjoy the entertaining programs that YTV has to offer!

We hope that you're enjoying our Superhero Superbreak! For two weeks, from
March 10 to March 21, we're airing shows with a Superhero theme. We'll have
Superhero programming starting at 2:00pm every weekday. The special line-up
includes the popular 'Powerpuff Girls', 'Sailor Moon', 'Action Man', 'Batman
Beyond', and 'Justice League'. Plus, March's 3 Hairy Thumbs Up line-up on
Saturday and Sunday nights includes three weeks of Superhero-themed movies.
'Justice League: Secret Origins', 'Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker',
'Superman', and 'Superman II' will offer you many opportunities to cheer on
your favourite crimefighters. chell out our website at for
further information and updates.

All shows are listed in Eastern/Pacific times. Please note all schedules are
subject to change without notice.

YTV Viewer Relations Department

What a lot of bull shit! This is a template email, not one specific detail of what i said. Those dumb ass @#@!#!*#1)*1)_*@! Thay can't even send me a decent email, the last part is an ad for their 'new' line ups.
I know why they find it difficult to please their viewers... THEY DON"T EVEN READ THEIR EMAILS!!! .I.

I have the right mind to crash their site!
Nah, i'm too nice for that... damn my moral upbringing :)

Author:  BOYZ [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:50 pm ]
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dino riders was an ok show (i only saw like 3-4 of them, too bad)

The old Eerie was an amazing show i saw almost every one. That show was like a kiddie Twilight Zone!

They need to make a cable network of k00l cult shows... that would kick alot of ass! :)

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 4:53 pm ]
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Yeah the old Eerie Indiana was like a kid's Twilight Zone. I loved it!

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 6:04 pm ]
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i tried to get an eerie indiana petition going a couple of years ago. about 10 people signed it. i decided not to send it to any stations.

Author:  aDam [ Thu Mar 20, 2003 10:51 pm ]
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Hoyl carp! They're playing Batman Beyond again? Sweet Jesus I miss that show. I'm so watching that every day once I'm done with my job.

Author:  BOYZ [ Sat Mar 22, 2003 4:36 pm ]
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I had a great thought.
no matter how hard you try no matter what you do, no one will ever listen to you. I think i'll just let the networks do what they want and never try again (i think everyone should do this as well). What a wast of my time. I feel like such an idiot. Petitions and letters just piss people off (or make them laugh). F*CK them! (the network)

Ok, the show was good but i am no longer going to wast my time. I'll chell back in a few weeks to see if aDam has done anything and hope that at least one ep has made it on an ftp or some other medium. (oh well, lived this long, hope to live longer).

Author:  DAve [ Sat Mar 22, 2003 10:29 pm ]
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Bots Master ruled. I can't belive I forgot about this show for so long.

I was watchin ytv today and it hit me like a brick. I love this show as well as

Transformers (G1 &2)
Go Bots ( :p )


If anyone wants to chat with me on ICQ about old cartoons im up for it 17876552 In request put Bots Master

Author:  aDam [ Sun Mar 23, 2003 8:52 am ]
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Go Bots? I never watched Go Bots. I thought that was just a line of toys.

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