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why do you like botsmaster? - I like the theme song
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Author:  aDam [ Mon Feb 10, 2003 6:15 pm ]
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I know people from both who have posted here... more than one.

Author:  David Vohs [ Thu Feb 27, 2003 11:21 pm ]
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The way the RM bots talk.

Author:  aDam [ Fri Feb 28, 2003 3:39 pm ]
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No kidding! They were so awesome. I downloaded Dr. Sbaiwhatever but it didn't work without the right sound card.

Author:  BOYZ [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 12:26 pm ]
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I loved Bots Master!
I watched the show everyday when I got home from school, that and Darkwing Duck on YTV. I loved the robots, storylines and the kick ass animation. Even now I love the artwork (bright colours, hard blocky shapes on the bots, and well drawn people). Damn Lady Frenzy was hot (for a cartoon). I was too young at the time to see it but wow.
When I was a kid I wanted to tape the episodes but my dad didn't want me too.... Glares in anger. All I have is a taped sound clip from the end of a show (playing with a tape recorder). I would kill to get my hands on encoded episodes or tapes!

I all but forgot about Bots Master until my friend and I were talking about kick ass cartoons like the old Ninja Turtles and Transformers, then he asked me if I remembered a show staring ZZ and the BOYZZ. I nearly fell off my chair when I realized I had almost forgotten Bots Master!!! As soon as we both remembered the name and talked about all the episodes we ran to the school library and hit this site... the well, only site that has anything good on it.

My brother, friend and myself cannot wait until you get those episodes encoded. We were all obsessed with that show and would love to sit and watch it all over again.

I never understood why it was cancelled ??? ... I mean it had it all, fighting, robots, nice art, Laser Time (3D), good plots, humour, and action. I mean it kicks the sorry ass of all that mindless, half ass, 2-d poorly drawn Pokemon Digi Yugio crap .I. :angry: .I. that we have to put up with today! I mean they don't even have fighting robots! In my opinion that puts a show over the top! :)

I say bring back the BOYZZ!!!

Oh ya, I am also Canadian! Born and raised in Hamilton Ontario

Author:  aDam [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 12:53 pm ]
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All right Canadian and from Ontario too! Awesome!

Yeah so what's up with all that 2D programming? Bah! I keep forgetting to put up a section on my site that explains the way the 3D worked. It was totally different from the stuff they used in theatres back in the day since it uses the pulfrich effect.

Anyway I'll be getting to that encoding soon enough. I know I'm slow with it but hell the show was on so long ago what's a few more months?

Author:  BOYZ [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 3:15 pm ]
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Take your time, we have waited this long. (Still dieing to see it again but I have lived this long) :) I am ever grateful that you taped the episodes and that you are willing to encode them! So I have no right to rush you.

I just don't like allot of today's digi Pokemon crap that just keeps getting rehashed and shoved down children's throats along with trading cards and toys that cost a fortune. That and the artistic aspects and plots are lacking allot. I personally think they suck. People failing in my animation class make better cartoons than that (but that is just my opinion :p).
In shrot Bots Master had some kick ass animation.

A good explanation of the Pulfrich Effect can be found at
And an example / explanation can be found at
Some physics site
This 3D stuff was just an extra to me but it was a cool addition. :)

Author:  aDam [ Sat Mar 08, 2003 7:07 pm ]
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Thanks. I had some links but... I don't know where they are. Anyway I have my image processing teacher to thank. He was doing 3D stuff so I told him the gist and he was all confused. I showed him the glasses and he knew how it worked right away. The rest of the day I was doing this neat trick with pencils that made them looking like they were going in circles when they were really just going back and forth thanks to the pulfrich effect.

So yeah I hate that Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh crap but... well I like the Pokémon stuff. There's a line in there. Well I still loathe the Pokémon card game. Hate!

Yeah well after the first 6 the quality of my VHS tapes aren't great so the encodes won't look all that great but I'll do my best.

Author:  BOYZ [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 12:58 am ]
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Well good or poor quality... it is still bots master! And you are THE ONLY one I have found willing to give out copies.

Glad I could help explain the 3D aspect of the show :)

To keep with the topic of this thread, the theme song was catchy and fun. (As a matter of fact it is stuck in my head as I am typing this)

Oh, and Pokemon was good in the beginning (the early episodes had me hooked to the TV whenever they were on) but it has just become a rehash of old episodes and plots and ending up as just a crappy vehicle for the cards and toys :angry:. Still today's cartoons are just not what they were. Think about the original transformers then the new beast wars and, well, Bots Master and most of today's Saturday morning shows (not saying all are bad I do love allot of new cartoons but their are allot that don't deserve the airtime).

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 7:59 am ]
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botsmaster rulz :p

Author:  aDam [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 10:47 am ]
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Well I stopped watching Pokémon after the Orange Islands. I really hated Tracy and the Orange Islands and couldn't get back into it after that. I always liked the games though and am looking forward to the new one coming.

I liked Beast Wars and of course Transformers when I was a kid. I've come to had the franchise because of the horrible fans.

Oh yeah and the 3D still works on the VCDs so if you've actually got the glasses it will work. I tested it last year. I never thought it would work but since it just has to do with moving objects and not a really detailed illusion there was no problem.

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 11:29 am ]
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I have always hated Pokemon :angry:

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 11:30 am ]
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Your bots master site has a cool design :)

Author:  BOYZ [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 12:09 pm ]
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Beast Wars was a cool change but to me it just didn't have the same feel. I liked the first few seasons but I think it fell apart after they figured out that floating island and the planet was going to be blown up.

Pokémon sort of faded from my TV routine and when I went back to it, it had gone to hell so I cannot pinpoint when it fell apart for me.

Bots Master was a great show in almost every way but it just didn't catch on. I don't understand why. It had it all (robots, action, nice looking characters), but no one knew about it, too bad... So much potential...

It would be neat if say YTV put on a flash back Sunday with all the late great shows. Kind of like a marathon or maybe a weekly thing. Then some of the old kick ass stuff might catch on again with a younger generation and recapture old fans.
Hell, I think it would work. (All of the shows are tried and true so advertisers would not be hard to find). What do you think?
(Yes I just partially commandeered this thread)

Oh ya, the site does have a nice layout. And glad to hear the 3d action still works (don't know why it wouldn't but still glad it does)

Author:  aDam [ Sun Mar 09, 2003 1:05 pm ]
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I really liked Beast Wars in season 1. Season 2 started sort of getting stupid with Transmetal this and that. Focusing on a main story arc which... well it never went anywhere. Then the whole season ender with the arc was pretty cool but it was such a fanboy cock stroke. I still haven't watched a lot of the season 3 episodes. Couldn't get into it. Beast Machines, RiD and Armada are essentially unwatchable to me.

Well Bots Master really was a show with everything. I don't think it was really wasted though since 40 episodes is a pretty good run. It would have been nice if it had been more popular. Don't know why it wasn't.

As for the 3D well yeah when you think about it and understand how it works it makes sense but back in the day I didn't understand how the 3D worked and thought it might have had something to do with the way it was interlaces which is completely lost when resized down to 240 scan lines. Of course that has nothing to do with the pulfrich effect so it wasn't an issue.

And Ferg why are you hating on Pokémon?

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Mar 13, 2003 7:01 am ]
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pokemon has a crap theme song. and i think they changed it (stop me if im wrong) and it got worse.

and how come you could only have 6 pokemon in the game? in the series they carried all their pokemon around. stop me if im wrong.

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