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 Post subject: Fanfiction Continuation?
PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2007 3:32 am 
Koopa Troopa
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Hey! Long time no post here(issues with drama and crap). Anyways, I'm working on a continuation of Bots Master, and it's going to be rather adult, even has one mysterious character with an LSD habit, and a writer who goes by the name 'Gonzo J' and is trying to covertly assist Zulander in his efforts to expose the Corp. It will also have some sexual content, including awkwardness from Blitzy walking in on ZZ while he was um.... working out some 'frustration' and Blitzy reaching puberty(complete with the obligatory scare due to being unprepared for the little 'surprise'). For the most part it's just suggestive.

I plan on having ZZ being permanently injured later on in the series, and I don't know whether I will have Alicia stay with him or have her leave him and get one of his other love interests back in(like that chick from Santa Marta). I don't know if I'll use an original character, but I would like to.

Anyways, I was wondering what the rules concerning language are, as well as content. If my fic violates any of those I could just post it in my livejournal and on storm-artists, and link to it.

EDIT: Here's the intro...

It was the perfect coverup, the perfect scapegoat. The Robotic Megafac Corporation leader Sir Lewis Leon Paradim had a lust for power and finally had a way to attain it: A young boy named Ziv Zulander, who invented their cash cow, the 3A. These robots soon flooded the market and took over most if not all menial tasks, leaving their owners to other pursuits, leaving them weak and vulnerable. The second phase was an 'upgrade' of a chip made from a rare metal known as krang. These upgrades were promised to improve performance, to give their owners more time for pleasure. When the time was right, these chips would become controllers, linked to a center in an unknown location. These upgraded robots would wreak havok across the globe, bringing every country to their knees. In the aftermath, Paradim would then take charge and blame this mayhem on a terrorist. They were to pick one at random, however, one employee had done the picking for them; he found out about this, and left, which created a problem since loose lips sink ships, as that old saying goes.

Zulander. Creator of the 3A. Creator of the tool for world domination.

This naive young man built an army of robots that had the ability to 'think'. Robots with no off-switches or so it seemed. In his battles with the RM Corp, he has gained and lost ground, and made many supporters and enemies alike. Paradim has wasted no time in painting this man as a terrorist whilst disguising his own stinister motives as those of a philanthropist and a victim. Every televiewer broadcast, every newspaper, propaganda of a global nation not even yet born. Soon, Zulander will face his greatest threat, an intelligent 3A named 'Brain Grain'. Will this creature be friend or foe? For in the world of intelligence and free will, there is always as much possibility for good as there is evil.

It's all a matter of choice.

Gonzo J out.


A soft sigh filled the air.

Two dark eyes bathed in the green light of an ancient monochrome monitor blinked a couple times, and the sound of tapping keys continued. After a few seconds, the screen went dark, and the figure left the room.

Bots Master
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