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There are 8 versions of the new King Kong game
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Author:  aDam [ Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:58 pm ]
Post subject:  There are 8 versions of the new King Kong game

DS, PC, Gamecube, PSP, PS2, X-Box, X-Box 360, GBA.

I hate the whole world. These multi platform games that come out simultaneously on handheld and consoles alike just blow my mind. There's no way these games can be anywhere close. At most the PC, Cube, PS2 and X-Box * versions can be similar, the GBA and PSP can be similar and the DS won't be close.

Multi platform's for stupid bitches.

Only 3 and a half more weeks until the movie comes out. So that makes 4 weeks until this movie is declared a failure and we can stop God damned hearing about it.

Author:  Doogan [ Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:10 pm ]
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Author:  aDam [ Mon Nov 21, 2005 11:14 pm ]
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Gameboy Advance. They might as well release a Dreamcast, N64 and PS1 version while they're at it.

Author:  Shwiggie [ Tue Nov 22, 2005 11:34 am ]
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Atari 2600 King Kong

Author:  IDE [ Tue Nov 22, 2005 12:46 pm ]
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I wonder if it's actually cost effective to do this or if the whole thing is just a throw away to hype the movie.

Author:  Matt [ Tue Nov 22, 2005 1:09 pm ]
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no, these folks pay for the license.

they just have to spread it as far as they can to make any money off of it.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Nov 22, 2005 4:56 pm ]
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I wish we'd never given way our Atari. I think we had a 5200. We originally had the 2600 but it busted and we got a new one that was backwards compatible.

I wonder what Raymond did with that thing...

Author:  Halden [ Wed Nov 23, 2005 12:38 am ]
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Are they all based on a crappy monkey movie fromthe 30s?

Author:  aDam [ Wed Nov 23, 2005 7:14 am ]
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Indirectly they all are in a way...

Author:  T Rex [ Thu Dec 01, 2005 11:15 pm ]
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i hear this game is pretty good.

Author:  aDam [ Fri Dec 02, 2005 4:24 pm ]
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From who, Peter Jackson? Jack Black?

Author:  joerammstein [ Sat Dec 03, 2005 3:28 am ]
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The critics, of course.

I like how its full title is Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. Hahaha. How absolutely necessary.

Author:  aDam [ Sat Dec 03, 2005 11:43 pm ]
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I wonder what kind of reviews the GBA version is getting.

Author:  Destron [ Mon Dec 12, 2005 1:23 am ]
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"its an okay/average sidescrollin' beat up the baddies type game that we've all played a million times since double dragon... but if you're looking for the new giant monkey vs trex game to light your fire until the Godzilla vs kong game comes out...this is for you."

-destron ...

oh and you can play it on your DS... along with the ds version, except the gba version wont let you stroke your monkey

Author:  aDam [ Mon Dec 12, 2005 6:56 am ]
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It's like watching pr0n with oven mits duct taped to your hands....

... though I do enjoy a good challenge.

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