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That's not romantic! She's dead!
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Author:  aDam [ Mon Nov 14, 2005 5:41 pm ]
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Destron wrote:
I never knew SM had its own cannon discrepancies....
It's not horrible but the timeline is one that's a bit annoying. For example every season goes through as if it were a year in seasons and dates show up randomly to back this up with birthday, calendars and newspapers with dates on them. But then it's clearly stated only 2 years pass by age. Also the events of teh end of the first season with the whole memory whipe are sort of confusing as, if the whole world forgot what happened, how can there be a Jadeite puppet type guy in a suit in a later episode as he's long frozen?

I know it was up in the air as to when Tuxymask figured out who Reni was... :shock:

"that's an interesting birth mark on your aaahhhh! you're my daughter!"
I know you're trying to be funny but both Tux and Sailor Moon learn the identity of their daughter when King Endymion tells them about it in 30th century Crystal Tokyo. Also your birthmark jokes spits on continutity since Tux was no aware he even had a daughter when he first met ChibiUsa as she is born years after her little time travel days (~8 according to the manga)

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