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A very odd plug
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Author:  aDam [ Fri Nov 15, 2002 8:51 am ]
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Chell out this thread or if you don't want to register or wait for the slow loading god forsaken Everlore servers view a copy that's on my web space. I don't know who this guy is but I find it funny that they star tearing him a new one because they think it's spam. Damned EQers! They gotta respect the best site on the 'net!

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Sun Jan 26, 2003 7:43 pm ]
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Pats aDam on the back. (after he himself has already).
Nice closing words. LOL.

Author:  aDam [ Mon Jan 27, 2003 7:57 am ]
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Well it's no goatse but I try.

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Mon Jan 27, 2003 2:33 pm ]
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What did that post have to do with anything goatse? I'm confused.

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Mon Jan 27, 2003 2:38 pm ]
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Guest wrote:
What did that post have to do with anything goatse? I'm confused.

Uh yeah...
This is me quoting 'me'. LOL.
I forgot to log in. -- Why did it even let me post as unregistered under my name if I wasn't logged in? That would mean that anyone could post under anyone's name, under 'unregistered'. I don't know if that's a good thing--you might want to fix that, man.

Author:  aDam [ Mon Jan 27, 2003 4:58 pm ]
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Yeah but look at the name. It's greyed out and it says "unregistered". If there were ever a case of impersonation I could just look up the IPs and cast out the fake. I wasn't very lenient on Neko-chan and she didn't even do anything.

The goatse comment is just because a lot of times when a thread goes down in flames and everyone start pissing me off I just goatse them.

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Mon Jan 27, 2003 7:13 pm ]
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O.k. My answer before finding out what 'goatse' really was would be to you..."o.k., cool, man, so you goatse them" (keep in mind i had NO idea what it was except what u and smokey said at the thread.)
But after typing goatse into a random seach engine I can now be certain that that is THE sickest thing I've seen in my LIFE.

Oh well. Can't say anyone forced me to see that crap. However, I do feel more able to join a conversation when I know what the other people are talking about. However...I now wish I hadn't.

P.S.Thank you for the 'impersonation' explanation, though. I would hope no one would do any impersonating, either.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Jan 28, 2003 7:44 am ]
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Haha. Yeah good times.

The first time I saw goatse I was laughing too hard to find it disgusting. That really cushioned the blow for me. A board I was going to was getting a lot of unexpected traffic because of links to threads there from a very popular board so the webmaster decided to goatse them all. Funny stuff.

I'd say I've seen sicker. Certain things irk me more than others. I guess it all depends on your taste but I can stare at goatse without it really phasing me.

Oh and impersonating sure does suck. I've done it myself many times before though. I'd always end up coming clean/getting found out though. More of a joke thing than a deception thing.

"I prefer to think of it as the art of deception" - Louis

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Tue Jan 28, 2003 12:00 pm ]
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O.k. I'd say we heartily disagree on that subject.
I've never seen or heard anything grosser than that.
Anyways, when are you going to get around to replying to me email? (this is OR) If you're busy, that's cool, but I was just wondering if you received it.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Jan 28, 2003 4:54 pm ]
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I'll get to it. I just don't spend as much time at my e-mail as I do at boards since I go to boards from my work.

And if goatse's the worst thing you've ever seen I could show you some stuff. :p

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Tue Jan 28, 2003 10:52 pm ]
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O.k. No problem.
How about one preliminary qualification with whatever you're thinking of aDam? How about you warn me, at least ???

Author:  aDam [ Wed Jan 29, 2003 7:31 am ]
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Well I won't post it. I don't post hard pr0n on my board since that time those arch criminals complained about a link to adult material on my site and got it shut down.

Please direct all complaints to Raleigh T. Berry III.

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Thu Jan 30, 2003 5:23 pm ]
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Ew. I didn't even think you were talking about that.
Anything besides that, that you'd find funny, I'm open to, though.

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