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howdy doody - ummm
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Author:  jammyB [ Sat Aug 03, 2002 9:00 pm ]
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ok hi!
nobbus this is weirdin up mah eyeballs

ok how do i stick up my avatar?

Author:  jammyB [ Sat Aug 03, 2002 9:01 pm ]
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why does aDam rule?

i need reasons!

Author:  Fiero [ Sat Aug 03, 2002 9:55 pm ]
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hehehehehhe he said doody heheheheheeh

And aDam rulz! cuz he has simms.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Sun Aug 04, 2002 12:25 am ]
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go to control panel then go to personal info. its in 'avatar options' but you cant seem to upload it from your own computer. you gotta find one on the net.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Sun Aug 04, 2002 12:27 am ]
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and the simms are probably why aDam "rulz"

Author:  aDam [ Sun Aug 04, 2002 12:29 am ]
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Who doesn't aDam Rule? I mean... doesn't this just put aside all doubt?


About the Avatar. Up at the top it says >>welcome *** and then "Your Control Panel". Click that and then click "Personal Info" and then "Avatar Options". If you don't want to load each avatar once at a time you should click on the "Show all Avatars" link first or just chell out <a href=;f=1;t=14>this thread</a> to browse more easily.

Of course you can also add your own avatar of choice if you have the space for it. Or suggest a new one. I have a knack for finding things.

Damn I took so long writting this that the Count already covered it.

Author:  Fiero [ Sat Aug 10, 2002 10:25 pm ]
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I thought that was gonna be another javascript link.

Author:  aDam [ Sun Aug 11, 2002 12:35 am ]
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<a href=>Sorry.</a>

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