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I hate George Lucas
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Author:  aDam [ Wed Sep 22, 2004 3:07 pm ]
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I didn't learn to love Star Wars as a geek. I learned to love it as a munchkin. I apparently saw Empire in theatres in 81 which is so long ago I can't remember it. I remember seeing Jedi in 83 at age 5 only because of the Ewoks. Basically I have no memory of when I first watched these movies it was so long ago but I do remember loving them time and time again as I rewatched them.

The prequels on the other hand it's all about geekiness ... and the hotness of Natalie Portman.

But I guess at one point nostalgia becomes something else when the obsession reaches a certain point.


But I would consider myself as being a Star Wars fan as a distant second in the grand scheme of things. My Sailor Moon fanness dwarfs it. If these were Sailor Moon DVDs I would buy them. In fact I consider the ADV release of the first 2 seasons of Sailor Moon to be a worse DVD blunder than this.

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