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aDam's B Day is almost here
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Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sat Feb 08, 2003 10:28 pm ]
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aDam is almost 25 five years old next friday is his brithday right aDam?

Author:  aDam [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 8:06 am ]
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That right! Can't wait. Boy a quarter of century. That's a freakin' long time. Maybe I should start acting mature.

... nah!

This is the millenium of the geek where you can act like a kid until you're real old.

Author:  I'm A Squirrel [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 6:03 pm ]
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Um. Happy birthday, ChrisFerg:=), for today appears to be your birthday,
according to the message bored birthday calendar.
But I could have SWORN your birthday wasn't posted as this day before....hmmmm...

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 6:26 pm ]
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What??????????????????????????? It's noy my b day today! mine is not until august

Author:  aDam [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 6:36 pm ]
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Chris's Birthday is 1 week before judgment day.

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 6:47 pm ]
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Author:  I'm A Squirrel [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 9:54 pm ]
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L O L ![B]

ChrisFerg, I can't believe it. You actually put your birthday as today, February 9th, then edited it. Don't believe me, y'all don't have to, but he did.

If you look closely at February 9th on this message bored's calendar, you can see that February 9th's box is in a teeny bit lighter dark-blue than the rest of the boxes of that month.

((shakes head)) LOL.

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Sun Feb 09, 2003 9:56 pm ]
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Yay Cookie for Squirrel!!!!!!!!!!!

Author:  aDam [ Mon Feb 10, 2003 7:35 am ]
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:p That's hilarious!

Although the actual reason for which the 9th was lighter yesterday was because the current day is always a bit light. For example! Observe the light box on the 10th today (or whatever date it may be when you're viewing this thread);CODE=1

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Mon Feb 10, 2003 7:34 pm ]
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Author:  blackinkedpen [ Tue Feb 11, 2003 5:53 pm ]
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Aaah.. O.k. I understand the lightness issue now. But Chris Ferg still really DID have his birthday as the 9th!

Author:  aDam [ Tue Feb 11, 2003 6:40 pm ]
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I believe you because why would someone make something like that up? Of course why would Chris do it? But Chris does a LOT of stuff that makes no sense so I'd be quicker to thing he's do something whacky. :p

Author:  ChrisFerg02 [ Tue Feb 11, 2003 7:41 pm ]
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Yes I do aDam i even posted at the old es online forum yesterday.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Feb 11, 2003 8:01 pm ]
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Your chaotic behaviour kick's ass.

Author:  blackinkedpen [ Wed Feb 12, 2003 5:01 pm ]
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Thanks for believing me, lol.

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