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"billy madison" - the official appreciation thread
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Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue Jul 09, 2002 1:11 am ]
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Billy Madison is the best movie ever, its so funny. I want a sequel

Author:  Fiero [ Tue Jul 09, 2002 8:30 am ]
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I'm still waiting for "The Search for More Money . . ."

Author:  aDam [ Tue Jul 09, 2002 11:08 am ]
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"I disagree, it's a very good movie, but I think Star Wars is the best movie ever."

"Star Wars sucks."

"Ya know something, YOU SUCK!"

Author:  hobo D-69 [ Tue Jul 09, 2002 11:53 pm ]
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I think both suck, Cattyshack is the only funny gulf movie... and Startrek Smoke starwars.

sides I'd rather have thebox dvd set of the littlest hobo

Author:  aDam [ Wed Jul 10, 2002 12:13 am ]
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Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 6:09 am ]
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I stayed up late and watched 'enterprise' (based on star trek) and it was about these 2 guys who almost run out of air on their ship. It was crap. no wonder its only on at midnight...

Author:  aDam [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 7:00 am ]
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I saw that episode. That show kind of sucks but at least it has nothing to do with any Cardassian war.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 7:20 am ]
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I thought this was the billy madison thread...

Author:  aDam [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 3:14 pm ]
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I wish I could split threads...

Yeah I really love that movie. That chick in it is pretty hot in Mortal Kombat. Norm McDonald was also excellent. That aDam Sandler is so great in everything.

Author:  Fiero [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 3:48 pm ]
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Cant'cha move posts?

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 5:49 pm ]
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I saw 'big daddy' and it was pretty crap. damn PG rated films, not as good as the uncensored billy madison.

did you see the uncensored version of billy madison? I've got both on video and ive seen it literally 30 times. the differences are suttle yet many. for example, in the uncensored version he says "you got to find the fucking dog" but in the censored version the swearing is scaled down.

Author:  aDam [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 6:17 pm ]
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Yeah I think I first saw it rented but I've seen it a lot of TMN which is a movie station in Canada that doesn't censor anything. I remember once I was messing with the sounds on my computer and I had "You get off your ass and you find that fucking dog!" or whatever every time I clicked a link on a webpage. Well it was funny as hell but it got annoying real quick not to mention that my parents wouldn't have cared for it.

As for moving threads yeah but not the individual replies withing a thread. Anyway I just copied my lengthy reply and made a new thread.

I thought Big Daddy was pretty good. Saw that one in theatres. All the girls were all "aaaah" and crying and shit but I thought it was funny. Not of the cablibre of Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison. I didn't care much for the Waterboy which is weird because that was the one movie that really blew him into stardom.

I heard he's the most lucrative actor in Hollywood. That means that his movies cost the least for the huge amount of money they rake in. Only comedies can do that where you get a really kick ass movie for next to nothing because it doesn't take a team of a million people, special effects or a load of money to make people laugh.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu Jul 11, 2002 6:47 pm ]
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comedies are good because they can succeed without special effects, yes.

the waterboy was crap, I hated the stupid voice he did. its just dumb.

happy gilmore is pretty good, probably just below billy madison.

Author:  aDam [ Sat Jul 13, 2002 1:10 am ]
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You seen the new one? I heard it wasn't too great.

I like his stuff on CD too.

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