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Stupidest thing I heard on Internet all month 4/04
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Author:  aDam [ Sat May 29, 2004 1:39 am ]
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This is from last month but since I posted one for this month I figured it wise to go back and post this one too.

April 2004's stupidest thing I read on Internet all month!

"Eww, I'd never eat a living thing!"

I say... "Oh Yah, What the fuck do you think Fossil Fuel Comes from? Osmosis? You won't eat a piece of Pepperoni, but you're sure willing to Feed your car $2 bucks per Gallon of Refined Liquid Death. No moral Qualms there eh?"

"You sure like Living in comfortable settings... Gee a house? How much land did they have to clear to lay that foundation and Pave the street out infront of it?
I don't see you donating the land your house was built on as reparations to homeless Woodland creatures?

If you don't like eating meat, because it's Gross, then Fine. "I just don't like it" that's acceptable.
Where as "Think of the poor animals"... is not.

And basically I argued with this idiot for a vulgar amount of time where he is unable to consede the basic fact that there is a difference between killing something yourself before it's time has come to eat/wear/whaterver it or to use fossil fuels which are composed of the remains of animals long dead of natural causes killed through no human interference.

Author:  Latifah27 [ Fri Jun 11, 2004 5:21 pm ]
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... what an idiot! I eat living things! Including fruits and vegetables! And I love my meat! Geez... some people need to get their shit straight!

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