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my beef of the month
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Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue Feb 24, 2004 8:38 am ]
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my beef of the month: ebay dicksucking.

ever had a look at someones feedback on ebay?

its downright silly.

Excellent E-Bayer, Speedy & Friendly Transaction, Genuine Asset to E-Bay, AAAAA+

genuine asset to ebay!?

pretty much everyone is the same. go look at some. its enough to make me sick.


*sigh* theres a limit to how good a transaction can be. words cannot express the ridiculousness off this type of feedback.

how come nobody ever gets a B+ or C-?

I recently joined the A+ club myself, after just my first purchase online.

I got a AAAA++++++.

I was pretty happy with this, until I had a look at the feedback this user was leaving for other people... someone managed AAAAAAA++++++++, making me feel pretty jealous. what did I do wrong!?

I would email them and ask, but I dont want to attract bad feedback to my account. I guess thats why I'm not a great beef writer...

Author:  aDam [ Tue Feb 24, 2004 5:52 pm ]
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Ebay feedback looks like it's written by a 7 year old. In fact all the feedback on ebay looks like it's written by the same foreign 7 year old. The first time I wanted to get something on ebay I didn't bid because I was convinced all the guy's feedbacks were fake and that he was a scammer. In fact he was legit and that's just what feedback is like.

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