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Fucking idiots getting hard ons for DVD box sets
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Author:  aDam [ Fri Oct 04, 2002 1:16 pm ]
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I really don't get this mentality. When the new Sailor Moon subbed only DVDs were announced they said they'd be complete season box sets and people were all "Oh thank god!". I mean S and SuperS came out on individual discs and I don't see the problem. I mean all the episodes are there. Are people so hard up for shelf space or something? I really don't understand it.

Now I heard X-Men evo is coming out on DVD (fuck that shit) and all these butt fuck morons are all like "Here's hoping for a box set".

I mean really what the fuck does it matter one way or another? I see no advantage to a box set. I mean you end up getting less boxes some times which is a total pain in the ass. Stuff like my Fush boxes are sort of annoying because of the low grade cardboard with that annoying ass plastic sleeve. Also without individual boxes it's hard to keep track of what disc you're on.

I mean is it elitism? What the fuck. Do people just not want other people to be able to only be mildly interested in a series. I mean wow we can't have someone just sampling a single disc. They're not true fans and can't appreciate the art.

I mean sure if the boxes are cheaper that's nice. I mean that Eva box is cheaper than the discs alone which is good but... well they actually sell them seperate so who cares really?

Fucking morons. Is it the physical box that's the big fucking deal?

God damn I hate stupid people.

Author:  lareau [ Fri Oct 04, 2002 3:19 pm ]
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isn't it a bit cheaper when they come in box sets?

Author:  joerammstein [ Fri Oct 04, 2002 3:23 pm ]
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aDam should do a beef on box sets. Hahaha.

A lot of anime these days gives you the choice of buying the first volume alone, or with the series box. I've got a couple of those. I guess it's a completist thing. They're really nothing that spectacular, and as you pointed out the cardboard is cheap. Maybe if they were metal tins or something there'd be more to get excited about.

Personally, I could go for some X-Men: Evolution season box sets. I'd eventually buy every volume anyway, so there's nothing wrong with grabbing them all at once. Of course, it would also make sense to release individual volumes for people who don't feel like dropping a wad of cash all in one shot.

Author:  Destron [ Thu Oct 10, 2002 10:06 am ]
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...I want a "the tick" boxed set... cartoon, not LA version

Some of these single case anime dvds go for 30 bucks Chopper.. to the "living in boxes" people lms... Boxed sets are heaven... gives us little condoes for out pet rats :)

j/k no I don't have the black death.

I do have a few boxed sets but I'm not crazy about the idea, all boxed sets are is a way for companies to cash in on the old movies just before they hit theators with the next one... Hello BATMAN INDIANA JONES STARWARS STARTREK ..and the like... I mean shit I even got the Alien box set because I figured WTF was Resurection? they aint maken' another one!

... waits ...

oh? what's that? Alien Vs. Predator...the movie? ah crap!

Author:  aDam [ Thu Oct 10, 2002 10:26 am ]
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Hm... why didn't I read joe's post first? Anyway I've seen a lot of this one or a couple of discs with a box. I think it's an okay idea so long as they don't actually charge more for those discs than for the other discs. I mean it's retarded to charge for the box. The Sailor Moon region 2s do that. Anyway DVD store well on their own. A box just makes it that much more annoying to get out.

Although from a completist point of view I hate it when they release something individually and then sell them together. Especially when it's sold together cheaper! Most of the time I wouldn't care about the package like whatever if I didn't get a little lain box but I would have liked to have the Sailor Moon movie box. But I consider my needs for Sailor Moon to trascend any other show. Plus I find the whole thing annoying a bit because when (assuming I ever do) have a pretty much complete DVD set for the show I would like to put the movie in where they come out chronologically in the series as far as release dates go.

Oh yeah some Tick DVDs would be great. I still don't see why you would say "box set" over "DVDs". This is precisely what I'm beefing about!

Anyway I did a little open discussion with the guys around the basement on the weekend and the agreement was that it was a price issue... or at least that's the only sense any of us could make of this obsession that has swept the nation. Perhaps the reason for which I didn't automatically think of this is that I've spent much less on some indivudual discs of some anime series than on box sets. I mean of course it's a fucking ass rape when Mahou Tsukai Tai comes with 2 eps per disc but there are also the Key and the Utena individual discs that are fucking well priced compared to the Fush box sets. Fuck that!

I mean look at the ST:TNG box sets. They go for 160$ or something (Canadian currency of course) while if they were being sold individually I would expect something like 5 or 6 discs for a season at 20$ a piece considering how old it is and how you can get those VHS tapes for bargain prices. I mean there's nothing cheap about getting 7 seasons of a show for 160$.

Buffy on the other hand was pretty cheap.

Author:  Boxed set of Destrons [ Sat Oct 12, 2002 11:48 am ]
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Well I can see your point about the Moon movies... it is good to have things in order.. but still that's just a "shelf" thing's like who else is gonna care if I have my Evil dead movies in chronological or alphabetical order...

As for why box sets like stng cost more is because they CAN charge more cause the vast majority of pee-ons "yes I mean that" ... will buy anything...

for example I was looking at getting the season 1 simpsons set ... 50 or so when it first came out... now it's down to like 33 or something now that the season 2 set is out...

but that's not really a boxset... more of a case... really.

I don't think I'll buy another boxset... unless the extras are cool... like say exclusive content... only on the box set (IE 4 disc Fellowship) ....

but when the 12 disc Lord of the rings box set comes out in 2005 I don't think I'll pick it up cause by then I'll have two versions of each film anyway.

Destron: *finds himself rambling more and more as he gets older*

....see what I mean... I can't stop myself ..arrrggg! must get Regis ans Kathey Lee box sets......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggg shoot me now!!!

Author:  aDam [ Sat Oct 12, 2002 12:07 pm ]
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Well might I suggest you just weren't shopping around? I found the Simpsons box for 35$ or so back when it first came out. Anyway that is more of a case than a box. Those things bother me since it's a hastle to move the big box around. If it ends up costing less that's okay though. The whole saved shelf space doesn't mean anything to me. I mean I have serious VHS shelf space problems going into the hundreds of tapes. DVD comes along and it's thinner than a hamster's cock. I mean you can barely read the label as it is. I don't see any need to have it thinner. It's like making thinner paper for easier filing. It's a non issue.

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