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I hate those Farscape Crybabies!
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Author:  aDam [ Mon Aug 30, 2004 8:49 pm ]
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No way. It's "coming back" has nothing to do with the fans.

This is just like Reboot or something. They canned the show when the story wasn't finished so they made some mini series. Online petitions and letter campaigns have nothing to do with this.

And it's not really saved. The series was stil canceled and even after that the show never returned.

In retrospect I can only really say one thing about my beef. It was a perfect prediction. I mentioned upon only just hearing of the show's cancelation that it would spark the biggest geek campain of all time and it did.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue Aug 31, 2004 7:07 pm ]
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of course we cant tell for sure if the fans really did this.

but according to farscape, they did. makes enough sense for me; they realised the show was popular so they finished it off.

but that dosent explain the fact that if the show was popular enough it wouldnt have been cancelled in the first place. whatever.

geek campaign? yes.

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Author:  Piecrust [ Wed Sep 01, 2004 12:34 pm ]
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Guest wrote:
I am not trying to insult you. Just making observations.

Majority of your content is simply a reiteration and regurgitation of opinions expressed by people far more articulate than yourself. People ranging from soulless, inoffensive and commercially succesful 80's stand-up comedians ("People Who Don't Return My Shit"), to anonymous message board posters, who demonstrate a certain basic respect for the Global Information Exchange (i.e. The Internet) by not posting pictures of their pets.

Not a single original idea on your site. I'm starting to believe this is just more elaborate

Either way, I wouldn't give a fuck, had you not said an unkind word about Farscape. It's ironic that a single fresh item on your site is an incendiary article meant to offend anyone who capable of digging up a well acted, quirky and cinematic television show from a pile of scifi shit, dumped into our backyards every fall by people who think that science fiction fans are illiterate fucks, who will judge the autumn's crop by a breastful.

Of course we are proud.
When you are surrounded by people who think that until 7 of 9 came aboard, Voyger sucked ass, it's very fucking hard to be nonelitist.

Let those people rave about Terminator
Give us Clockwork Orange.

Ban me, I dare you, unclefucker.

Ok, maybe I am trying, cowboy.

that is so obviously an attempt to redeem his retardedness

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