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Liars Who Say Your DVD Player Can Do Crazy Crap
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Author:  aDam [ Thu May 20, 2004 7:58 pm ]
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I hate them but there's no room for the word "hate" in that subject.

This thread is like a microcosm of Internet. I've heard this stuff time and time again:

Pratically any player you buy now in the UK is either region free or region free after a quick remote hack anyway.

You dont need to have a DVD burner to make something you can play on your TV. Most DVD players support the ability to play VCD's and you can make VCD's as long as you have a CD writer in your computer and these are common place.

There has been some discussion about it on

You use tmpgenc to make mpg1 files and then burn them using nero burning rom or your video cd burning program of choice

This is one such thread which shows you how to burn off subs on to VCD. As for not being able to download them as long as you have a reliable unlimited dialup connection it is perfectly possible to download fansubs. I spent many a long year on dialup and I know its very possible to leech large files. I used to be able to download 100mb + if I left my computer on overnight.

If you have
a) At LEAST a reliable dialup unlimited dialup connection
b) A CD writer
c) Blank media
d) A DVD player that can play VCD's / or an S Video out that can output to a TV

There is then absolutely no justification for buying bootleg DVD's if you have all of the above. If your internet connection is unreliable / serverly bandwidth capped/ very costly and you dont have a dvd player with VCD support then I would understand you buying bootlegs but that is the only exception.

Author:  vwgolf259 [ Thu May 27, 2004 8:57 pm ]
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could someone please explain the concept of "regions" and how they relate to DVDs and DVD players?

in a related topic, why can't they just make everything compatible everywhere (I guess that would just be too easy)


Author:  count_nobbus [ Fri May 28, 2004 6:12 am ]
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because they dont want people to import DVDs.

but its retarded. especially because there are multi region players around.

adams other april beef explains it pretty well.

Author:  Rowsdower [ Fri May 28, 2004 7:25 am ]
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Yea. With DVD-ROM's you have to give them a new firmware update to remove or at least disable the region encoding. Software alone won't do it.

Author:  aDam [ Fri May 28, 2004 5:12 pm ]
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Tried it on both drives a while back. Didn't work. Way to propagate the myth though. I should have mentioned that as part of my beef.

Author:  TM2 Rampage [ Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:50 am ]
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I like watching stuff on my monitor. It's higher-res than the televisions in my house.. (nope no HDTV... I'm not even sure what resolution those are)

Author:  aDam [ Wed Jun 23, 2004 4:40 pm ]
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1080 for the good ones I believe. There's no doubt most monitors have better resolution and a clearer image than the average TV. My TV isn't 19 inches though. And if I'm watching any full screen NTSC it's only 480 lines it's really no advantage, worse actually, for it to be more. Not to mention TVs are made for interlace while computers are not.

For something anamorphic you will be able to catch more detail though. And a monitor is usually better at displaying the resolution in the horizontal than a TV. I believe broadcast TV displays at about 352 (some satelite channels and such use this width) while a DVD is 720. But really broadcast is analog so there's no comparison. It's better and worse. So much to say old TV don't really need to have much finer detail than about 352.

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