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I still hate OC Transpo
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Author:  aDam [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 8:55 am ]
Post subject: (not a new beef)

Things haven't really changed since February 2001. The bus still licks cotton balls.

Today is Sunday and as such there is really really crappy bus service. I needed to get to work by 8:15 this morning. My local bus doesn't come by until something like 9:45am. So I go trecking along at 6:50am in the cold snow and harsh Canadian arctic winds for 15 minutes to the bus stop which has an hourly bus which will get me to work 30 minutes early and... bus goes by early. I mean I see it go by. That licks balls. I mean there's not other bus I can take so early. What a cotton ball licking fagotronicism.

It seems as well these bastards may be going on strike tommorow and therefore completely shutting down transportation for anyone on the lower wrungs of the social ladder. Screw that. They should lock those bastards up. I remember when they striked when I was in 11th (?) grade and it licked cotton balls then too.

Author:  JohnB [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 5:55 pm ]
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I aGree,

OC transpo does suck. I've had that happen to me too. Everyone has negative stories to tell about OCtranspo...

Once I tried to catch an express that just left its stop so I chased after it to the stop light. The "driver" sees me but wouldnt open up the door because I wasnt at an "official" stop.

And do you remember in 2001 when OC transpo stopped giving grace periods? It was November1st but the guy wouldnt let me on with me October pass. I told him Id buy one that day but he said no. I told him to not be an asshole, but then he pulls over the bus and wont start it again untill I get off. I told him to f-off so he gets on his CB to report me !
So yes I did just get off.

(I never pick fights with people but this driver had an attitude.)

(Did you know that in Montreal you have a grace period of 7 business days with old passes ?)

Someone wrote a letter to the Ottawa Citizen last week to say that OC Transpo are like terrorists in regards to their proposed Christmas Strike. Its not too far off for people who rely on the bus for shopping or exams or work.

And that light rail is equally gay. It just takes riders away from the bus. So now the bus fares have to reflect that cost also.



PS I remember reading your older beef about OCTranspo maybe last year.

Author:  aDam [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 6:43 pm ]
Post subject: 

Oh man that lack of grace period is lame as all hell. They really need to make up their mind on what their rule is. For a while it was one business day. Then all of a sudden it's one day even if it's a Sunday and stuff which is just so retarded it's not funny. I actually went out and bought my December pass on the 1st this year which was a Sunday. Lame. For a while they had this deal where they'd take your old pass and then give you a day pass. I didn't really mind that but still it's a bit of a pain. I've seen many very calm and kind people just chewing out bus drivers because of totally unanounced and unpredicatable changes in grace period Rulz!. One such case was back when it was still under the whole "1 business day" thing and there was a holiday that was off for all government and school but not for some private sector companies (can't recall the exact day) and then the driver wouldn't let this girl I know get by with that and she went off on his about it because ... well it really was retarded. I don't care if technically some people were working that day. Obviously a lot of people weren't. These aren't people trying to bum a free bus ride on a month they aren't getting a pass but people who are actually buying a pass that day.

I had "OC Transpo Sucks My Cock" written on my bus pass for a while last year. On the back so the driver wouldn't actually see it but it sort of encouraged me whenever I got on the bus. My Mom caught sight of it one day and was a tad upset with me. Good times.

I really hate how busses don't stop when you're not there because of them. It's like if I go walking ahead because a bus is 10 minutes late and then it drives by. I should be able to flag that guy down and have him stop for me since it's really his fault. Ran right out into the street in front of a bus to stop him like that once.

Have you ever caught up with a bus that burned you? Did that twice.

First time was when I was a 14 year old busting with attitude. Caught the bus behind it and the driver had seen that the bus didn't stop so he chassed it a few stops. Got out and ran into the next bus. Spend the entire ride yelling out "bus driver" jokes with my friend. As we left he told us he'd never pick us up again. It's okay since it was the bus going to my friend's house that I'd never need to take.

Second time I did it was a little different. The bus had stopped but it was filled to the rim with people due to clogs ( ). I showed the finger to the entire bus as it drove off as I often do with clogs (it's mentioned in the beef) and then jumped on the bus behind it. Caught up and didn't have anything bad to say about the driver (not his fault his bus is full of clogs) but I look around with satisfaction at all those jerks I'd showed the finger too... and then saw that my brother was on the bus. Good times.

I totally agree with the terrorism thing. I mean obviously comparing them to people who bomb churches is a little extreme but they really are holding people's every day lives hostage. As someone who often compares bad situations to hostage situations I can't argue with the analogy. It's always during exams too. As if worrying over studying wasn't bad enough these people have to worry about how they're going to get to school the next day. Evil.

Author:  JohnB [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 8:46 pm ]
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This board is pretty fun.

The whole concept of writting something then coming back to see if you get responses pretty addictive.

About the buses:

That time when the driver wouldnt stop at the corner (since it wasnt an official stop) I started kicking the door pretty hard.

(My Dad got locked out of his car so I had to go home, get the keys, then come back and I didnt have money for a cab, and it was the last express bus so I was in a hurry.)

So I kicked the door pretty hard several times but much to my chagrin the driver would not open the door. Instead he got on his little CB Radio and calls for help. So I just left.

But I vowed henceforth to work extra hard, save up my money and buy a car so I would never have to ride the buses again.

So I took a negative and turned it into a postive.

And I know for a fact most OCTranspo drivers make over 50k a year if theyve been there for a few years and work weekends or nights the odd time. So thats nice money for turning a damn wheel.

They should stop bitching and realize that they are glorified cabbies and be thankful to have a secure job.


Author:  aDam [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 10:39 pm ]
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Yeah... welcome to message board addiction.

50K is pretty damned good. I wouldn't want to do their job though. I hate late hours (although I often work them) but I think something like driving a bus is something I really wouldn't want to do. Because of that I can't really bitch about them being overpaid or whatever. I can however bitch about poor schedule adherence. I mean it's really not that hard to stick with a schedule and make all the stops. And of course I find it inexcusable that they keep striking and stuff. I'm so glad I don't live in Toronto where they had that garbage strike. That's just raunchy.

As far as them being glorified cabbies... well yeah... but cabbie's not a job I'd want to do either.

Maybe I'd feel different about all this if I actually learned to drive...

Author:  JohnB [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 11:22 pm ]
Post subject: 

Yeah I wouldnt really want that job either but Im just saying maybe its not the worst you could do for that kind of money.

About my cabbie comment:

I mean that most cab drivers make about $7-10 per hour after alls accounted for. Or at least thats what my poor friend makes who does drive a taxi and rents his plate and car.

So he'd like to drive an OCTranspo bus as its a similar line of work but pays much more and has benefts.

I do have much more respect for cab drivers cause its an honest living and I admire people who work shitty jobs.

And I can understand Doctors complaining about their working conditions cause its a complicated job but driving a bus(!) and having a job that many people would take in an instant - they should appreciate what they have for what it is or quit.

(Ive had some very nice drivers in my day, but I mean in general. And its usually the bad service you remember - right?)

Rack me, Im out.


Author:  aDam [ Sun Dec 08, 2002 11:31 pm ]
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Damn that sucks. Seems like hard work. Can't believe they get so little when cabs cost so much. I guess it's important to tip your cabbie then.

And yeah there are good drivers and bad. Of course the good ones don't stick out. One expects the bus to be on time. When they're late it's just blatantly obvious.

The bus near my house, the 156, is so horrible. For years it was always 10 to 15 minutes late except for the odd times it was 5 minutes early. There's really no way to work around that.

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