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So you think you can talk to the POPE - ...or How to get your hopes pissed on.
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Author:  Hobo D-69 [ Sat Jul 27, 2002 8:39 pm ]
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As Chopper Knows ...(I doubt anyone doesn't know who lives in canada) THE POPE is in Toronto this week, after a blessing at an airport, a island sleep over, a trip to the waterfront and another blessing, THE POPE is going to give a Sermin tomorrow .

Now here's the thing, a while ago I was going through a weird cycle where I gave up athyism for a bit in hopes to find a religion that suited my long time goals.

tried Budism ...but man that beer is just Wrong...
Tried Judyism ... but after the courts and lawyers, well it wasn't worth the investment.
tried Hindo ...and um...well I don't want to get into it.

And then I came back to Jesus, sure not literaly, I don't have a time machine.. but on an emotional level I sort of could understand it a bit beter.

So I wrote a letter to the Pope, AHEM


Hello my name is Jon and I've been having trouble with a few things and was wondering if you could come to Canada and explain to me How becoming Catholic could help. Now I understand you are a very busy man, and I can well imagine all the more important things you have to worry about, but I figured if you were in ever in the area ...I would just like to sit down and discuss this mater with you.


okay so I headed down to the Ex the other day (much better then bud btw) ... and try to see THE POPE, there were all these other young people there... "world youth day" or some shit... yeah right, THE POPE's here to talk to ME... I said to this one German girl... and i showed her the letter (a copy) and she laughed at me....

Now don't get me wrong I'm not an idiot..I knew he was doing other stuff too... hell it's been on the news for like a month... but she didn't have to laugh at me.

SO I TACKLED HER TO THE GROUND AND FELT HER UP... HAZA... I meen why the hell were germans there.. can't they wait till THE POPE comes to their country... Its not like hundreds of Canada's teens go to Germanland when THE POPE goes there... Shit I didn't even see THE POPEMOBILE...

So I've got one more chance to see THE POPE tomorrow, before I have no more poket money for gas.

so I'll end this rant with a simple statement.

.I. the Germans... or at least feel-up the Hot German Girls :p

Author:  aDam [ Sun Jul 28, 2002 12:23 am ]
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That's pretty hot. German chicks are like Asian chicks. The ugly ones are fugly but the hot ones are fuckin' hot. Hope you had a nice feel up.

Anyway my brother has a theory about the Pope that I can't help but agree with. You know how the Pope's health hasn't been great lately and he's always hunched over and half out of consciousness and such... anyway he says he's been dead for a while and that the Vatican has been pulling a weekend at Bernies on us. Maybe taht's why the Pope hasn't come to see you as mentioned in your letter.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Sun Jul 28, 2002 3:19 am ]
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all the world leaders are dead, thats why we are living in a state of complete anarchy.

(that was supposed to be sarcastic)

Author:  aDam [ Sun Jul 28, 2002 10:26 am ]
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I hate that sarcasm doesn't convey to the Internet. Makes sarcastic bastards like us look like nothing more than raving lunatics.

Anyway I don't think J.C. is dead. He's a bad ass.

Author:  Hobo D-69 [ Sun Jul 28, 2002 5:47 pm ]
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I agree Chopper, old lipster can't be dead... well He's politicaly dead, Paul Martan will be the next liberal leader, but man do you have any idea how hard it would be to get his face to move like that if it were all hooked up to fishing line like the pope.

And she was damn hot... so hot I was planing to feel her up even before she got all hot and bitchy :)

I'd say honeydue...with perky bits,

and I hate myself for quote'n BM&R.... but "her stems were nice too"

Author:  aDam [ Sun Jul 28, 2002 6:07 pm ]
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Anyway... I think "Pope on a rope" does well do describe the Pope situation.

Author:  Hobo D-69 [ Wed Jul 31, 2002 8:08 am ]
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Batman & Robin Ack....

though rubber batgirl nipples are okay. :p

Author:  aDam [ Wed Jul 31, 2002 9:23 am ]
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Ah yes. Arguably the worst movie of all time if it weren't for the likes of such flicks as Last Man Standing, Ronin, American Psycho and such.

For years I really didn't get this fascination with the suit nipples. Then when I learned Schumacker was gay it sort of made sense but still... I don't care what kind of super hero I'm making. I wouldn't want the chicks to have nipples on the suits so why must he give them to the dudes? What a loser.

Oh yeah. I saw in the paper there were 800 000 people at the Pope's mass. That's almost a million man March right there. Fucking crazy.

Author:  Move'n on up D-69 [ Tue Aug 13, 2002 2:58 pm ]
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Yeah a lot of people... never did see the pope. stupid Germans... and YES WE DO WANT RUBBER CHICK SUIT NIPPLES.... un less the super chick has like spandex on in the cold... then that's fine.... only thing I don't want to see is rubber camel toe...

Author:  aDam [ Tue Aug 13, 2002 4:18 pm ]
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Camel toes? Ewww.

Well yeah I'd prefer real nips to just placed on the suit. I can't get off on it if I don't think that's where the nipples actually are under the suit.

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