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what can you get from an ip
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Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue May 16, 2006 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  what can you get from an ip

I tried one of those whois searches on my IP and all I got back was stuff about my ISP. I assume this is because I'm being routed through some of their proxies before I get to the web.

obviously an enemy could report me to my isp but what else can they find out? do your worst, aDam.

Author:  aDam [ Tue May 16, 2006 4:02 pm ]
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Not much. You really can only get the ISP's information... unless of course you are your own ISP and that IP is in your name.

So yeah I wouldn't worry about it too much. Of course if you're doing something illegal someone could contact your ISP and they probably (though they would deny it to most) have the ability to match that IP to an exact user and get their account information, name, address...

But it's not like a hacker could just do that with a command. It would require talking to some person. Social engineering of sorts.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue May 16, 2006 8:49 pm ]
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so now this guy reckons his L337 friend from the IT department has done something and found out my street address. brilliant.

Author:  aDam [ Tue May 16, 2006 9:05 pm ]
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What IT department? Unless it's your ISP's IT department I don't see the relevance. It sounds to me like he's just claiming ha><or skills he doesn't have. I wouldn't put much fait into it.

I call bull shit and you can quote me on that if you'd like.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Tue May 16, 2006 11:15 pm ]
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it appears he works at a bank. apparently they have this uber geek to track down ha><orz etc.
I'd link you to the thread but you need to register to see it. they got sick of guests criticizing their wak site.

Author:  aDam [ Tue May 16, 2006 11:27 pm ]
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Hahaha. I've registered for less.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Wed May 17, 2006 12:53 am ]
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copy and paste so they cant log the referral:

Author:  aDam [ Wed May 17, 2006 6:04 am ]
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Wow... that board seems to have a serious amount of 13 year olds who want people to think they're tough shit.

The statement the one guy makes about frying his computer as a result of his hacking is pretty ridiculous. I'm reminded of old movies or bad TV shows where someone will be hacking and when detected sparks come flyin gout of their screen. Not sure what sort of software mechanism is it that can destroy hardware on your computer...

... actually I am sure. It's nothing.

And the guy's story about how he works at a bank and used the guy who fights of cyber attacks to do the dirty work is pretty ridiculous. Guy doesn't seems like someone who would have a full time job which didn't involve drive through duties.

I think it's safe to say the wannabe online scarface here is nothing but a little bitch.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Wed May 17, 2006 7:22 am ]
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this is most likely bullshit but someone told me they knew someone who made a virus that tricked a computer into thinking it needed more than 240 volts of electricity, thus frying it or something similar.
I have no idea if this is possible in real life. they dont teach us this stuff in my programming course.

Author:  count_nobbus [ Wed May 17, 2006 7:16 pm ]
Post subject: 

this isnt a mature way for a CEO to conduct himself. I hope you dont plan to track down everyone who has a problem with your record label.

Author:  aDam [ Wed May 17, 2006 8:35 pm ]
Post subject: 

FTW? Did he follow to this thread?

Author:  count_nobbus [ Thu May 18, 2006 3:40 am ]
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adam: yeah. and he worked out who you are. apparently youre banned now.

this is just like that movie 'hackers' that I didnt see, except its more lame.

shrekk: some guys on Nurcha are actually talented, listenable and have a head on their shoulders (e.g. SZR) and I do appreciate the aims of your orginisation. I just have a problem with the way you'll promote the wakest artists (e.g. bevan b. he can not rap at all) and also the way your forum is conducted (i.e. moderators wanting to bash people at the hilltop hoods gig and that whole mentality).
I appreciate youre trying to 'nurcha' new talent but you have to draw the line somewhere. wak is wak, nobody wants to hear this and youre setting yourself up for failure if you believe they do.
which brings me to my next point; there is an epidemic of dickriding going on, although this is not just a Nurcha thing by any means and I understand there is little you can do to change what people think.
if you actually care what I think and want my advice, we can talk. if not I'll just let you get on with it.
can we squash this now or what?
p.s. if you want people to join your forum you should let guests view it, otherwise youre letting the haters win.

Author:  aDam [ Thu May 18, 2006 5:41 am ]
Post subject: 

And full of bull shit. I had no doubt this guy was full of it but now I know 'cause simply put, I'm not banned. I jus tposted. It's in that thread. He can ban me now of course. How a mastar hacker was unable to equate the the user "aDam" here was the same as the new user "aDam" there that registered yesterday escapes me. This guy sucks more at the Internet than people who still use Netscape

I anxiously await this bitch finding out my address and destroying my computer from the other side of the globe with his 7331 skillz.

He can eat my balls now... any time.

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