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Anyone wanna up some BM eps to a 1.5gig ftp? - humn worth a try people?
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Author:  Anon_Person_99 [ Wed Oct 09, 2002 9:59 pm ]
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i've still been looking for those eps, i cant seem to find em, anyhow, what are the episodes you have uploaded?

also, whats the file extension? .avi/.mov?

Author:  aDam [ Thu Oct 10, 2002 1:16 am ]
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Author:  eXXile [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 5:14 pm ]
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I've been searching for Bots Master on WinMX for a few hours, and still can't find anything. I'm on constantly, so hopefully I can help spread the joy of this series once I can get an episode. :)

Author:  aDam [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 6:41 pm ]
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I don't know how exactly the winmx servers work. I've been on since yesterday. I use napigator with it too. I don't know if that'll help you out.

Author:  eXXile [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 8:45 pm ]
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How about sending it through AIM or MSN Messenger? I haven't used AIM in awhile, so is it stable to transfer files with now?

Author:  aDam [ Mon Nov 04, 2002 10:30 pm ]
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I use AIM but I rarely log on. I certainly never go on long enough to transfer these massive files. It would take an eternity.

Author:  eXXile [ Tue Nov 05, 2002 12:48 am ]
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Once I added some of the Napigator servers to WinMX I found your eps. I've downloaded about 1% of eps 3, but WinMX keeps kicking me off. Guess tomorrow I'll try using Napigator.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Nov 05, 2002 5:37 am ]
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Well winmx is good because you can just tell it what you want and then go on safari and it'll have it when you get back. They are big files and it will take you literally hours to get them.

Author:  eXXile [ Tue Nov 05, 2002 7:54 pm ]
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So far I have 95% of episode 3. Only need 10MB more, but if your impatient (like me) you can watch it all the way to the end before the ending credits come on.

All I can say is WOOOHOO!!! The video quality is good, but unfortunately my sound card is being stupid again, so I couldn't listen to it. But overall it's great to see this series again. Hope you can encode some more of the episodes.

If I see anybody queuing any of the botsmaster files, I'll immediately start transferring. WinMX name is DarkFolder.

Author:  aDam [ Tue Nov 05, 2002 10:43 pm ]
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Hah! I was about to ask if you were Dark folder. Been watching you download for a while now. I feel so big brother. Glad it worked out. The ftp attempt just corrupted the files.

Author:  eXXile [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 12:03 am ]
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Well if you want any files just let me know, but I mostly have only anime stuff. I'm trying to get back into some of the shows I watched in the 90's. Three of which aren't as well known, but I enjoyed watching were Dinosaucers, Exo Squad, and Technoman (Tekkaman).

Also I was wondering how you encoded these videos? Did you take it from your VHS tapes, because the quality is very good for tapes. Just interested since I do some Divx and Mpeg encoding.

Author:  aDam [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 7:31 am ]
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I got them from VHS tapes. I have actual store bought tapes for the first 6 episodes but the rest was never released. If and when I get to encoding the later 34 episodes the quality will be a bit worse since I had pretty bad quality cable back in the day.

Well I'm into the anime stuff but I tend to stick to newsgroups because the speed is so much quicker.

Did you know there are pretty good quality Teknoman episodes available subbed? I guess you probably did. I was really into that show in the day when it played dubbed and such.

Author:  eXXile [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 6:15 pm ]
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I didn't know Teknoman had subbed versions, unless you count the ones on ebay. But from what I've seen, most of the anime on ebay have chinese subs with the english sub overlaided.

I've never gone to a newsgroup or IRC channel, since I have no idea where to go or even where to start. All my friends thought it was funny that as a CS student I didn't do much besides program. So when they asked about IRC I didn't have a clue on how to help them. Oh well, there's an incentive for me to learn.

Author:  aDam [ Wed Nov 06, 2002 7:56 pm ]
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It was called "Tekkaman Blade" in Japan so you have to look for that. I only have eps 1, 2, 5 and 6 which sucks 'cause there are 26 episodes... plus the second series which I think is only OAVs but that I think there's a DVD for that might be HK... hm...

Anyway here's what it looks like:

Just a sample but it's pretty good for <a href=>Div-X</a>.

Just looked on WinMX and they've got some episodes there. I'm trying to get 3 and 4 right now. I hate having holes in my series. That's why I give up on so many.

Author:  Bradstard [ Mon Nov 11, 2002 2:53 am ]
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You guys are my heroes. I'm going to install winmx right now. I been looking for episodes of this for a very long time.

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