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 Post subject: Hatesbook
PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2007 9:49 am 
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Some hate on Facebook because I said Sailor Moon was better than Pulp Fiction, Resevoir Dogs and the Usual Suspects, which it it!

i think you may have the shittiest taste in movies i have ever seen. you rated a video game movie, Dead or Alive, and an anime movie, fucking Sailor Moon, above Pulp Fiction Reservoir Dogs, Usual Suspects, etc!!!???!!
How exactly do you take dick? do you prefer it in your mouth or asshole?
Big and black or small and white? Oooo! Ooooo! Lemme guess! Let's see... I bet you'd love nothing more than to have a large Puerto-Rican man lying on top of you, ramming your asshole until you can't hold your shit inside of you any longer and you just make a sticky mess all over his bed. Did i hit tha nail on the head or what!? So go back to sucking dick and jerking off to anime pr0n, and leave reviewing movies to people who can properly function in society, and doesn't shit shemselves((no pun intended) everytime a female gets within a five foot radius of them, not that you'd be interested anyway. Anyway, have a great day, and next time your ramming your hard cock into a mans asshole who you met hours ago, and you're about to cum, just remember... he's probably got aids.
Much love,

All this from some little shit high school kid wannabe frat boy. I guarantee you I didn't start wearing golf shirts until I had a full time job after university. What a little bitch. Fucker was 9 when that Sailor Moon movie came out.

My reply:
Wow. I think you care way too much about movie review. It's Facebook. We've got people out there saying Ever After is their favourite movie and you're getting down on me for having legitimate problems with a movie I've seen a number of times and don't like like? Wow.

Your colourfull homosexual imagery is an obvious sign of youcloseted homosexuality. Please don't breed.

And since he works at Home Depot I accepted his friend request, invited him to "Home Depot Cards are for gays" and then dropped him.

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