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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 11:44 am 
Having recently, accidentally, discovered your website while searching for Japanese pre-pubescent sailor moon-‘ish’ pr0n, I was drawn into your message board world by those always interesting, if not completely irrelevant, and unfortunately overly ignorant rants.

Reading your rant on St. John the Baptist day left me with mixed feeling about you. On one hand I was pleased to see that we have hating frogs as a common bound (beside our obvious fetish for pre-pubescent Japanese-girl ‘à la’ sailor-moon!)! But dude I was so disgusted to see you don’t even celebrate your English heritage. What are you one of those self hating WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant)? I suppose it could be worse you could be a fucking half-bread, or worse yet a fucking Frog. So since you were not taught history in school it seems that I will have to fill in the blanks.

We English do have a day to celebrate are Superior Anglo-Saxon heritage! It called Victoria day! That right we have a day just like those Frogs except they celebrate their heritage and we go get drunk at the cottage. That right instead of celebrating our proud heritage most so called Anglos go get drunk! We a people that built the greatest civilisation in human history, subjugated more then half the world population, and yes we have a day to celebrate this great cultural heritage and instead we go get drunk! Maybe the half-breeds and the frog deserve to run this country, if we can’t even get off our Asses of the couch to celebrate our heritage! As much as I hate them at least they show pride in where they come from and have no given up fighting for what they believe in and they still assert their cultural identity. Hell they have their own “Star System” with pop-cultural icons and therefore are not fully dependent on America. Heck for most of we Anglo our star have to make it in the states before we will even recognise that they have any talent. We have let our identity fall to the wayside and let American Popular culture dictate our own cultural significance. Think about it, when most Canadian are asked what it means to be Canadian they say three things- Hockey, Beer , and were not American. But if you view your own identity as Canadian solely on its relation to the American identity, than you no longer know who you are, but rather who you are not! At least those Quebecois Frogs really have established their own identity. Maybe that why I hate them so! Maybe because they still have what I so long for we English Canadians to recover… an identity and culture proud enough to encourage and call our own.

Up to twenty years ago we had great picnics and fireworks in reminiscent of our great jingoistic imperial heritage when our superior race’s empire grew to be the biggest in human history. We celebrated being English Canadians. So don't hate those frogs for having a day for themselves(there are plenty of other good reasons for that), hate yourself and your fellow Anglos for having given up on our own day set aside to celebrate our proud language, culture and heritage.
So next Victoria day, Adam, will you join me in standing up proudly and proclaiming in a loud cheer “Say it loud, I’m a WASP and I’m proud!”.

From your favorite Asshole (that excludes your BOYFRIEND'S of course!


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 17, 2004 5:45 pm 
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You post seems to be a not so subtle attempt to upset me by drawing attention to various things designed to piss me off pretending not to realise you you them to upset me.

I get that you're pretending that Sailor Moon is pr0n just because that's my beef. That's sad. I refuse to knee jerk about this.

I get that you call me a wasp expecting me to tell you that I'm half French because you immediately follow it up by saying that it would be worse if I were a half breed or frog. That's sad. I will not knee jerk about this either. If this is not the case and you actually can't read and think I'm a wasp then you're equally as stupid.

May 24 is in no way the English equivalent to St-Jean Baptiste. No English people celebrate this as a national holiday. This is my beef with St-Jean Baptiste day. So there's really no comparison on issues that bother me. I can see how you, as someone who doesn't get it, can make this comparison simply on a drinking basis. One could also make this comparison to Canada day on a drinking basis but the actual meaning of this holiday is also irrelavent since Canada day celebrates a nation while St-Jean Baptiste day is a national holiday to celebrate no nation.

Next victoria day I will simply celebrate the fact that I was conceived on May 24 weekend.

You're not my favourite a**hole. You're nothing to me. Many hate me more than you and there are many who I hate more. You're just another loser on Internet trying to get me worked up. Sorry to disapoint... no wait I'm not sorry at all. I don't care.

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